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April 02 [Tue], 2013, 15:56

(microblogging) "currently in good condition, to launchcheap jordan phase 23 hoops
ten of God The Rockets also has completed assembly, will soon rushed to the launch site. Aerospace Science and Technology Science and Technology Committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences the package people said, spacecraft mission of Shenzhou the 10th from the experimental to the applied further validation for the first time to carry out manned space shuttles application of flight and increase the flying around New trials. 6:00 yesterday, carrying the Shenzhou spacecraft fleet assembled, ready to move into the airport. Starting with a Shenzhou spacecraft, which is a tenth of this transporter.Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, the chief architect Zhang Bonan and commander-in-chief Ho Yu chatting easily trip looks more like to accompany an old friend to the field trip. In a few days, they will go to the launch site and the spacecraft rendezvous.

The trucks transporting spacecraft to keep the whole 35 km per hour, compared with spacecraft in space 7.9 kilometers per second flight the first cosmic speed can almost be ignored without taking into account the."God nine pull Shenzhou, Shenzhou three began to pull the line to be measured, the most important is to pay attention to safety." Truck driver introduced slowly drove by bumps is to prevent the spacecraft. jordan melo m8 shoes
Although the route has been measured in advance, but the head of the fleet car filled with a benchmark encounter bridges and other obstacles, if the benchmark is smooth in the past, it shows the back of the truck can safely pass through.Also carried out three times during transit stop and check. "To monitor the transport environment, because along the way, bumpy road conditions, including the outside ambient temperature, influence the product, the staff, the monitoring data can be viewed in real time, if it is found abnormal need for timely reporting to take response measures," Today the weather is good, also opened on the road than slower, basically no problem ".

Arrival at the airport, the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft into three tanks were loaded into two Il-76 large transport aircraft. Subsequently, the two transport planes take off slowly, the transport of God ten expedition Jiuquan. Last year, the same Il-76 transport aircraft, will be about 8 tons Shenzhou-9 spacecraft transported to the launch site.
Since the launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft, this transport aircraft've lost count of how many times landed in the the ASDC airport not far from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the spacecraft airlift rocket inertial device comes into play, including the spacecraft system do return capsule airdrop test by Il-76 transport planes to lobby. jordan fly wade 2 shoe sale online
Not long before, the implementation of the mission to launch Long March II F away ten launch vehicle by the Vetting Committee for consideration is permitted "factory clearance", will soon be set off.Science and Technology Committee of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group package Weimin, God ten in space a new experiment, such as "fly-around", "spacecraft around the target aircraft flying-around (Temple One), this is for the future space station construction to prepare. "
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