did you bring the cerds? 

August 29 [Sun], 2010, 20:09
wellll well it's been a long long time since i wrote here the last time
that because i find it a little confusing using a japanese blog site whilst there would be tons of english blog sites too XD but whatever. i'm stupid~

a lot has happened during this time!!
but i think i will only write about what's happening now and what's going to happen in precence!
i started in an art school a few weeks ago!! yay (^__^)7
it's been quite nice although i am very shy and the people scare me sometimes.
i also am not very good with people in general, it is hard to think about a topic to speak about!
then they think i'm too stupid.

i borrowed a nintendo ds with pokemon pearl from my friend mira and i have been playing a lot!
my strongest pokemon staraptor is already lv 52!!! i have 6 gym badges!!
i think i play too much.... T__T

well, that is all for now. i think and hope i'm going to write a little more often here from now on! :3
have a nice day!
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