studying in the library 

2008年05月08日(木) 23時26分

Good evening,everybady!!
I want to write about the time after today class.
Iwent to library after my class.
and there I study English and French.
Because I didn't understand today French class.
So,I determined to study.

And thanks to today study,I can understand French a little.
Very goood.
I enjoied to study abroad language.

I think I keep on trying to study English and French.

If I have a little time , I will come to library.
Keep on trying...
Keep on trying...
keep on ....

about world plaza 

2008年05月07日(水) 21時14分

Today,I attended on TOEFL and study abroad explanation.
Because I want to go abroad to study English!!
In explanation,I heard that we have to get test and high scoa.
If not , I Can't go to study abroad.

After that,Narumi and Saki (my high school classmate) and I go
to World plaza.
It's comunication room only in English.
Japanese is not not not used.
I can't use Japanese.
I want to go there long time.
So I was excited.
But,I was in trouble very much.
when I wanted to speak my feeling , I couldn't find the words.
Because this reason, I was in trouble.

Narumi and Saki are often go this room.
Saki makes her friends in this room.
Her friend is boy, she exchanges e-mail with him in Japanese.
His e-mail is very funny!!
maybe he wasn't accustomed to use Japanese.
So he sent that funny e-mail !!

Even so I want to exchange E-mail with over sea student....
If things go well, with boy....
If things go well too, with senior boy.....

I wish I did so...

about this site name... 

2008年04月30日(水) 0時34分
This time,I am going to explain my site name "Bavarder"
This ward means speaking language fluently in French.
In short,this is "pera pera" in japanese

why did I use this word
Because I want to speak English and French fluently.
This is my determination!
Goood! I will speak English absolutely!
And,finary Iwant to be recognized Naoki!!
I want to be liked Naoki!!
I want to travel with him.
Do my best!

this time is over!!
See you next time ^

Good night...


2008年04月29日(火) 23時32分

first diary!
this is test.

from today,I will keep diarty in English!!
Do my best
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