Nokia the U.S. discount Lumia920 price cuts also fast?

January 04 [Fri], 2013, 15:53
Launched just over one month in the United States, Nokia in some U.S. carriers and Amazon began discount promotions Lumia smartphone series. China's Lumia920 price cuts are not far off?

It is reported, the high end Lumia920 November sales at AT & T, the price is $ 99, Lumia822 Verizon Wireless sales price is $ 99. , The direct purchase Lumia920 AT & T price or $ 99, but buy on Amazon, if the user is willing to contract with AT & T may be purchased in the $ 39 price. And the Verizon's Lumia822 contract price of $ 0. T-Mobile USA, sales Lumia810 also be free to contract for the supply of machines.

Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson (Doug Dawson), by e-mail, said: "Price is always by the operator to determine the annual holiday season promotions is fairly standard." He pointed out, Samsung Electronics mobile phones in some markets provided free of charge. Verizon declined to comment on why. T-Mobile USA, said the move is part of a limited time offer. Is not clear is the burden of operators to discount all financial costs, or part of the marketing costs borne by Nokia.

Although Nokia executives expected Lumia series will have a good start, but the company has not yet released specific sales figures for the latest Lumia series listed in the United States last month. Lumia is the Nokia variety The Windows Phone8 device one of the first generation of Nokia Windows phone launch, sales performance was most disappointed Nokia move may lead people to question the demand for the product before Nokia report earnings on January.

Currently Lumia920 reference price in the Chinese market

Interestingly, discount promotions in the United States, Nokia has just started in China the to launch Lumia920 and other Windows phone. The price is still its highest market price. Do not know in the United States began large-scale price cuts, the Lumia920 and other Windows phone prices will be affected by this?

However, analysts believe that Nokia bet WP8 phone and Lumia920 did not achieve the desired results, but not to be denied, there are still many people who love the change models. Listed just over one month, the drop in price, will definitely detrimental to the image in the eyes of users of the Nokia mobile phone, and thereafter, even Nokia in the launch of a new mobile phone, people will form a "re soon cut prices" mode of thinking is not conducive to the promotion of the new Nokia phone. To know that its largest competitors - Apple's iPhone, preserving the value of doing good, therefore, people dare to buy their new products for the first time, because it can persist for a long time not to cut prices. Even Samsung mobile phones, new products launched just over one month in the main market price rarely.

Of course, we can not rule out the Nokia want to cut prices "puerile", may quickly occupied the market. However, to remind Nokia's short-term interests and branding pros and cons, but also to be weighed carefully, otherwise more harm than good. After all, a brand building takes a long time hard work, shaken, and even destroy a brand is much easier than expected.