Some Regulators Outputting Discount Casio Camera Batteries

March 27 [Wed], 2013, 17:08
To get this to work, you will need a battery with a working circuitry inside, discard the internal cells, FIND A WAY TO FOOL THE BATTERY CONTROLLER (hard part, you MAY have to resort to installing some regulators outputting 3.7V Discount Casio Camera Batteries and wire that to each cell’s wire that goes to the controller), since the cells inside the battery are individually balanced for newer designs (see the 2nd link by ratedk), and wire the cells to a jack, probably mounted to the discount laptop battery casing pointing out the backside.

Sure, you are at a point of nothing else to do aside from replacing the onboard charger, chances are its a part of the board and not too easy to replace.These laptops are just finicky as to the power supplies they accept, and even more so as they get older, for some reason. A fully charged Discount Casio GV-20 Battery powers this laptop just fine.

I think, based on what you said about the power adapters, it seems like your power jack’s center pin(s) is/are making intermittent contact. Some AC-DC adapters have a tip/tips that is/are slightly narrower (due to tolerances in manufacturing), so they may work with your Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z700 Battery when you have a power jack contact issue.

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