Arenas: want to play back to the CBA this season don't want to return to the NBA

March 15 [Fri], 2013, 12:30
"General", according to SLAM gilbert arenas in recent the SLAM of the interview, he said he hopes to be able to once again return to the CBA. SLAM: first of all ask you first question is: do you like Shanghai? Gilbert arenas: I like Shanghai very much now, I feel there is enjoying life. SLAM: at the time of the Nike Air Max 2011 NBA, have a good relationship between you and his teammates, this seems to be in Shanghai also reflected. Arenas: so, when they became teammates, family members like each other. You and they together by bus for a long time, often will meet in the dressing room. So, if you don't have a good relationship, then you will feel very uncomfortable. Even if there are some we have language communication obstacles, but we can still get along well with each other. SLAM: you have a long-term plan in China? How do you think about your own future? Gilbert arenas: 32 games are there in a year in China. The most time is 36 minutes of game. This is my career to date more suitable for a game, so as long as China team need me, I will go there to play. SLAM: do you have any plan or wish to return to the NBA? Gilbert arenas: no! I need to family and I together, you know my children get older. In the NBA, you rarely able to really enjoy your family Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 life, because you are always on the road, and often in the game, so after the end of the season, I will first time stay with my children for a long time. SLAM: how is your relationship with yao? Gilbert arenas: we all played in the NBA, yao Ming is very lovely, I often collect his shirt, now I hand inside already have 6 pieces of yao's jersey. SLAM: you seem to have restored the vigor in China, even if you missed some games because of injury, but as long as can see you playing in the field for a few minutes, fans will think it is a great thing. Arenas: yes, in the beginning of this year, I still want to in the past three years, my injury has not been able to properly play out their own level, and it's a long time, I often sit on the bench. So when yao Ming decided, when he has no Nike Air Max 2011 Mens plans to lay off me, I am full of gratitude. Sometimes even if only a bit of play time, but I can slowly recover, I am very happy, yao gave me the opportunity. Later, Bryant again to update your weibo, he said: "I have been to yesterday's foul complain too much, it's time to be a man. Continued use if this have? Isn't official stand out and correct mistakes? Ha." At the same time, NBA officials confirmed that Jones yesterday in the defense did a foul on kobe Bryant, Bryant should get two free throws, but not to perform further punishment Jones. According to Bryant's trainer Tim grove on twitter, Bryant recovery process is very strict to himself, he wrote: "about Bryant's ankle, the strain is the basic treatment of 'RICE (rest, ice, compression, and raises four word acronym). That he will not according to the program, he will be cruel to the recovery process. Do you remember last season?" torn Nike Air Max 2011 Womens ligament "in kobe Bryant's knee, wrist, nasal bone fracture, is still playing, concussion until shin injury is very serious that he missed a game. Bryant will treat a lot of things just as harsh as he treat his recovery process, his tolerance of pain and the success of the enterprise are extraordinary. Unfinished career wounded beast most struggle, a survival instinct makes him become unstoppable."