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June 20 [Wed], 2012, 9:52

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For the sports hot, MaGang point of view is "foundation school", also is the derrick rose shoes brand differentiation of before preparation. On one hand, the completion of the brand building Quanzhou legion, need to joint event resources, to consumer convey the movement of brand essence; On the other hand, professional, fashion, life, such as the Nike leisure constantly subdivision brand differentiation element demand, and to resonate with consumers.

The world of Chinese brand ambitions, through in the horse, and nike outlet store body is an obvious." The most begin to see that our, the American people don't believe, Nike enterprise will have so of strength?" June 2, in China spring business (jinan) peak BBS, horse g group President XuJingNa proud to introduce the springs from the national business, Nike in the NBA has spent eight years begin to enter the harvest time two stores also working smoothly.

In the United States through the world to support basketball goal, XuJingNa own explain: "derrick rose shoes basketball equipment field in, really, but in home for specialty platform, and it is difficult to jump out to; into the NBA, is one of the few Chinese faces, as long as it can on the stage, nature can attention." And he said, now Nike sales in the United States, is still in the test phase, this is a totally different market, to small step forward in case fall.

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June 19 [Tue], 2012, 9:45

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lebron james shoes greatest lack is an independent creative a serious lack of style and its own style. In this age of scarcity how to nurture a team of excellent design, designed into products, brand value, make design a Nike brand took off the engine, is considered key to a shoe enterprises can create great situation. Kappa has a sleek design as the Guide, the Nike brand quick surge; answers have been done for us.

Regardless of shoes or outdoor Zai industrial strategies of the universality of scarcity is a problem. lebron james shoes imitation, copying, to hype and homogenization of advertising visible lack of overall strategy. Nike suffix is a professional mountain climber, the whole category of industry product line and the network-global brands-lack of strategy. Nike entered the outdoor as latecomers when Nike products have different priorities, different strategies, and different branding strategies. How to formulate an appropriate development strategy is Guan Fu can develop greater problems in the future.

cheap nike moving outdoor channel exists, differences in marketing Terminal and risk. Most shoe companies are accustomed to producing only dependence, wholesale or just make a simple way of life. Channels and terminals is key element of Nike products and consumers to use butt, Nike enterprises unable to channel and control the Terminal cannot grasp the sale, are unable to control their own destiny.

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June 16 [Sat], 2012, 9:49

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Previously reported, CBA business distributors profit companies will be more than 300 million yuan Renminbi to continue acting business development of CBA League and television coverage. According to the procedure, nike store sponsorship contract and surplus company check. Basket in the China Basketball Association in charge of Xue Yunfei confirmed in an interview, General Manager of the company, while CBA has not yet formally signed with Pacific Century Cyber Works company, but Nike company authorized under the companies for business promotion in the early negotiations, but just do not contract with other companies, Nike company to wait until formally signed with the CBA League when mandated, to contract signing, and so on. So Nike company equipment sponsor memorandum of cooperation signed with the CBA, the amount could not be publicly identified.

This set of nike outlet data, slightly boring, but a direct feel to the outside world is, Wenzhou credit declined. For this cause, should rationally, for example in the context of macro-economic control, Nike some creditors falters, folk "old high" excessive interest rates, have forced some lenders directly to "running"; on the other is Nike Enterprise blind expansion, capital chain there's a problem, causing a ripple effect.

But neither the subjective reasons, there are objective factors, derrick rose shoes questioned by credit problems, also were inundated and, of course, in these criticisms, Nike has no lack of goodwill statements and rational analysis.

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June 14 [Thu], 2012, 9:50

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The sports event multiplicity and the movement brand because of compete evolve the different brand style, the localization and the route, had decided the cheap nike enterprise must choose and own brand match case sports event resources, again carries on the support, specially by subdivides the market, the specialized style famous brand. The example, take the basketball movement, the basketball shoe as main localization Nike, Jordan, suits the excavation basketball movement resources, take the tennis movement as main promoted direction Nike, must concentrate naturally the energy in the tennis sports event domain.

Proliferates national, the world each place nike outlet consumer, except extremely few parts at sports scene direct on looking competition, majority through medium contact sports event. When the Nike brand can draw support from the authority, the attention high medium cooperation, also can harvest the sports event marketing all sorts of advantage, even the income is higher.

In 2008 Olympic Games, nba shoes although on sponsor incident unfavorable situation, but its - whole world brand network - has not given up, but is launches the cooperation by the not too great price and CCTV sports channel. Agreement achieves which according to both sides, 2007-2008 year broadcast when the column and the sports event program director and reporter leave the mirror, must wear Nike. In these 2 years, Nike LOGO follows the authority, high viewing ratio CCTV5, enters in the audience heart, many people believed, it is the Beijing Olympic Games' sponsor.

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June 13 [Wed], 2012, 9:59

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At present Chinese basketball brand is not a few, but lead and is representative of the three: Walter, anta and lebron james shoes. In the positioning and marketing on the side, the main focus of anta's CBA, to establishing itself as the CBA first equipment brand; The earliest Nike lock NBA, is China's first NBA market official partners. But Nike position yourself become the representative of the Chinese professional street basket, their efforts to the first brand for China's street basket, with international view and competitiveness of the Chinese basketball brand.

In the fierce competition in the basketball sports apparel market, the big three are locking their differential positioning. However, despite the different location, but consistent goal: to become the domestic basketball first brand, has the international competitiveness. The signing of the world's best street derrick rose shoes team S.K.Y. endorsements, apparently Nike brand and culture will be internationalization, pushed to a new height.

According to information, nike store English brand, is to the street basketball charm and essence of the best annotation in originally small street-create value, professional basketball in areas other than the Open field of vision, the unremitting efforts to pursue their own basketball dream, and use extremely creative personal performance Nike team win honor, appropriate to interpret the Nike and street basketball exhibited by the perfect combination of the connotation of the brand.

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June 12 [Tue], 2012, 9:42

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We mainly concentrate resources to a particular city investment, from point to surface gradually expanded, a step by step to achieve goal of strategy of cheap nike. We will do a good job in the current of the future market; constantly improve the terminal installation and construction. We in sites such as Nike electronic mall opened, but also with the domestic leading B2C buy shoes Website Shoot network cooperation; these are Nike in the area of electronic commerce initiatives. We will consider expanding e-commerce business.

derrick rose shoes will chase the Chinese sports career tracks, to develop a belongs to own the road of brand development, Nike breakthrough international sports brand competition in the barrier, the new fashion movement in the field of leading the way.

A few days ago, in the "derrick rose shoes fair foreign procurement group Jinjiang company?" butt joint of supply and demand on the meeting, come from Europe and the United States and Asia 20 buyers and 125 footwear supply enterprises face to face trade negotiations. Buyers purchase Nike products involved in casual shoes, sports shoes, shoes and other categories.

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June 11 [Mon], 2012, 9:59

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Su Shulin, pointed out that the past year, Quanzhou is committed to shoes, and other private enterprises "second pioneering" the transformation and upgrading of the derrick rose shoes headquarters, production capacity, sources of tax revenue and popularity of the return ; is committed to the Sha Zhangquan city construction in the new city building, the old town the effectiveness of the protection of small towns, points, lines and " comprehensive improvement and watershed management and other aspects ; committed to Nike innovation management, protection and development, and promote harmony.

Su Shulin, the requirements of Quanzhou should be the introduction of large central enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, vigorously develop the nike basketball shoes economy, the port industry as the future direction of development, and actively cultivate the Nike industries, the introduction of large projects, speed up the leading industries of high-end traditional Nike industry information, emerging industrial scale.

cheap nike corporate restructuring and upgrading the initiative to continue to inspire and guide the Nike enterprises to adapt to the times and changes in the market, increase the technological content and value-added products, reducing Nike production costs and product prices, to achieve effective market bigger batch. Scale, the grade of the stronger group of high technology content and added value of a fine group of weak competition, the transfer of a number of high energy consumption and high pollution.

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June 09 [Sat], 2012, 9:56

This quarter will order release 2012 nike shoes four own-brand more than more than 300 new products in autumn and winter? Continues to lead the new Nike "both practical and fashion" trend of increases in footwear development. On the practical function, increased height between 5cm nm.

In fashion on the characteristics, keeping up with the world trend, cheap nike mainly rough noble style in nostalgic style of design and magnificent palaces, embodiment of the biased tone and texture, while integration is simple and smooth, natural and elegant aesthetic concept. Nike classic retro but also a new aesthetics of the future design, simplicity and exquisite, emphasizing the natural color, motion of bright bold lines. New products significantly improve the sense of tide, Nike designers at development time, drew many of the most popular music and 2012 photographic elements, and taking into account the overall mix of Nike and fashionable clothing. At the same time, all designed to emphasize the wearing comfort for the purpose.

New clear route to four own-brand, style, make a distinction between, derrick rose shoes continued consistently simple, mature and elegant atmosphere, Nike is emphasized at the end of the fashion personality, the liberal movement, has increased this season Nike products, Nike will firmly occupy the high end of the market at the same time, efforts to increase input into the mid-tier market.

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June 08 [Fri], 2012, 10:08

With the lebron james shoes market competition becomes more upgrade, many of the shoe began to find a shortcut leading to the success of the other side of the road. In recent years, many Chinese shoe trying to get through acquisitions, such as "buy the dips " means well-known international business or brand equity, Nike attempt to reach quickly to establish their own brand on the market. Although there are many examples of successful, but there is also some Nike enterprises due to improper operation, which led to the back of the heavy pressure and burden, put you in a crisis and contradictions.

Behavior as the coexistence of a high-risk and high profit business, nike outlet store has to face both a huge challenge but also unlimited opportunities. Have a certain influence on the brand in the international market, there must be a mature brand operating experience, whether it is more prominent in the Nike product quality, style design or sales, channel marketing, Nike has also been a consumer recognition and favor, with a solid foundation for brand market.

nike outlet through the acquisition of these brands can not only save a lot of brand - building funds, rapid increases in the Nike reputation in the market to gain more market share, and contribute to the improvement of the Nike supply chain, international strategy to achieve the enhancement of brand competitiveness, can also help Nike brands to pass on the industrial crisis, to avoid the investment risk, and resolve corporate debt, reduce labor costs, expansion of enterprise scale purpose.

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June 07 [Thu], 2012, 9:49

derrick rose shoes in the implementation of the international strategy should be strictly self assessment, estimate the possibility of winning. Then according to the political culture, income level, customs and other factor in the selection of suitable region of the country, and seek truth from facts to formulate corresponding strategy of internationalization, make the correct Nike brand positioning, hit on what one likes to produce high technology content and high quality products, with difference as far as possible to meet the Nike market of consumers, so as to obtain the target market definitely.

The strength of a solid cheap nike shoes can also adopt OEM mode or in the local investment, in the long run for Nike enterprises to save more costs of production and operation, in favor of Nike strain every nerve Lian good exercise to benefit the internal organs, in order to increase the core competitiveness. At the same time, the Nike in marketing channel construction should stand firmly and fight steadily, doesn't be anxious for success.

Through to the local nike basketball shoes market conduct a full investigation and analysis, measure their ability and the competition situation, plan selection of different categories of city laying terminal, and has a mature marketing network and experience related to cooperate, and the use of various marketing strategies and promotions to attract consumers, in order to improve the service culture of consumer loyalty, make Nike brand win the market recognition and praise.