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January 22 [Tue], 2013, 12:30

"No, I do not agree, I know you want to help me" stone or a face do not agree with what is good or bad, he know that, in order to help his family to pay such a high price that he can't accept."Hey, uncle of stone, I told you so, you that piece of land I cheap louis vuitton handbags really useful, you see if I can keep fish in ponds, and in the following the two pieces on stocking, this is not just" LV said, they are a lot of people are in the fields of rural slightly get a bit deeper, irrigation water to raise fish, of course, be a good year, bad year even under a few storm is nothing.

That 's OK.I take you back.When in good to talk about.But the stone uncle the two pieces are you.And someone else to say what you nobody inside. "Said Louis Vuitton was a little worried.Don't you get well each came home to trouble."Hum.You say that two pieces.Now all I have.He has three times every time the muddy fields unto me.The last time we met when they had a big quarrel.I signed a contract on the spot.That piece of land has been to me.Others are not.The old village in. "The stone witness heard LV asked the land ownership right after angrily said.

"Then, Zhao brother, not always busy." the stone face embarrassment of color, also don't know what it is, and Louis Vuitton outlet can talk to other people, almost no one wanted to talk to him."Come on, come on." said Zhao Weiguo, stone nods followed it into the living room, LV outside parked the car after watching the walking stone legs like before was severely crippled, shook his head and thought is wrong, walked into the living room.