really a headache but is now such

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 369th chapter stepping stone heard Qin where sound, including Nie PA ,and at this time can not help suddenly turned deathly pale ,but they did not think the Qin who should have been so soon recovered and Canada Goose Men's Snow Mantra, Qin where speed is far beyond their contrary to expectation ,he ran so fast even at they haven fully react when Qin ,who jumped up when he was in front of the Qin Li ,the ground still has his image ,it looks as if there were two Qin where general .
Is the fastest Dakan leader Xiao parting, for Qin where the velocity is also surprised ,not come before the Qin ,where speed is day tomorrow ,he is compared only fast edge only, and now ,he found that the speed of Qin should promote again today Canada Goose Reversible Vest,even though he did not dare to say ,in speed to stability the just enter the Zhenwu shrine three months new .
And on that side, would attack to the Qin Li in the three attack ,is from Qin Xinghe and from Kun League and Dakan Au two deputy leader, although the three are those of strength the lowest several people ,but they have eight levels above spirit martial strength ,force of three people next ,the power is not little the torn empty to the whistling sound ,very sharp ,for the nine spirit Master ,even though the leader, in addition to the strongest Nie bully people, Zhao Kanglinbu also won face the hard with three people at the same time attack but Qin who dare has three magic transformation body ,basaltic gas and kylin arm double defense ,he even has the confidence not hurt to take the three attack then , shameless four words just fell ,he crossed his hands ,directly in the three intrepid attack before .
Positive resist the in eleven eyes ,the three attack Qin and Qin falls directly in all arms ,most were kylin arm blocking part ,fall on the left arm, but because there are basaltic gas protection ,also did not cause much damage .
Although Qin every body can withstand this attack ,but the three attack impact body is not easily to the foot ,he can only be forced against the ground ,to prevent his rear body hit the Qin Li body .
Qin Li body and attacks are very good ,but the defense is her weakness if her dream of being seen through ,or in front of so many people ,she would be at a disadvantage .On defense ,he even Qin Xing one attacks are difficult to sustain ,and her body is more can be said too weak, just she attacks Yuan Jingtian when even oneself is the reverse shock force .
Just so if not for her in the Qin and the three attack ,have lost the colorful glass cover protects the Qin Li, consequences be unbearable to contemplate . Should not have something they once again see Qin where defense strong point ,three level eight spirit Master above force strike ,was not even in the Qin Dynasty who was leaving a scar even without spilling a drop of blood is Nie PA ,although the confidence to take the three attack ,but such a positive resist ,he also failed to do a little injury in fact ,in addition to the fallen Yuan Jingtian ,here is no man can do whatever the extent of the Qin dynasty .
Even more people horror, Qin where just heal this time he almost didn to direct hard resistance but now look ,Qin who not only by a new injury ,and has no signs of injury caused by the old .
Including Nie PA ,at this time ,they can back up toward a little cool .Opponents such as to make them really a headache but is now such a situation ,they also knew that he did not retreat, at this time can only hold together to form a clique to more Qin where now the strength ,and to associate his future potential ,even as the holy name first attack Nie PA ,also dare not let Qin all development .
Now only go to all lengths ,in any case does not make them two out of Nie Pa at distant fell to the ground in Yuan Jingtian eye ,the latter is now death is unknown, but he is not appropriate at this time to check ,for other people just said .
Everyone at this time also deep thought but heavy emphasis to nod .In fact ,although they are shocking for Qin where strength and the intrepid defense ,but they are still eleven people but also as the first attack of the Nie Nie pa pa the defense may not Qin where ,but his comprehensive strength is in Qin all above so ,at this time they do not fear the Qin where ,they fear is the Qin where potential .
They have to do now is in any case not let Qin and Qin Li from here where the two men in their eyes is your being in general, they are not allowed in any case development . Sister ,are you all right ?.
Qin Fan took a step back ,when Qin Li asked sympathetically .No big deal. . Qin Liyao shook his head and said, now she just had some infirmity ,but really she is worried about the situation .
Although the earlier Qin was he who blocked the shot ,but she and Qin every power of two it is difficult to deal with the eleven strength of high strength . Six great leader and deputy leader, should a woman start ,oh ,what a first attack first defense ,I see is the first shameless is .
Then who is in front of the Qin dozen glancing at it briefly ,sneer said ,see ,he has also moved at this time is really angry .If he is able to use one thousand five hundred times spirit points refining the yuan Dan, able to quickly restore his injury ,if not just now he timely healing is completed, perhaps in the Qin Li would die in the hands of such .
Qin Li is this the day continent for him, the most important one ,is his cool if Qin Lizhen of what happened, even if he is to never let the eyes of those who have a live out of here .
The warrior in the world, is not divided between men and women ,only the strong and weak points ,in the midst of battle ,no amount of war ,only win points . Nie Pa at this time simply said .
It is shame on you will be invincible . Although Qin Fan was recognition Nie PA view, but the lips but jokingly said .A war between them has can hardly be avoided ,while Nik Baze is his most dreaded a the man attacks ,even where he is also temporarily Qin ,is less than .
So he wanted to borrow the words come first defeated Nie tyrants of the ordinary heart . Qin where ,I know now what to say is of no use ,the world is what it is ,who the strength who can talk ,we still Teshita Mimayaki .
But the Nie PA is deadly quiet, and then we see him Dahongpao grew up ,can imagine which contains a strong attack force .This Nie PA not only strength is amazing, and it is also a common heart to Qin where the contrary to expectation .
Entering a state of war when, no matter what he says ,it was able to maintain a breath Nie PA no mess .Qin who face was somber ,in his current strength ,even if can be forced on Nie tyrants ,but another power also bad ten in this situation, he did not dare to try .
Sister ,a fight when, every chance you get out of here ,I hold them off by . Then the Qin where only to Qin Li voice said . No, I can them you here alone ,let me hold them ,you leave .
Qin Li is shook his head voice said . Sister ,now my strength you trust ?I have confidence in myself ,as long as you can leave here, I will also leave all is well . Qin Fan again voice said .
But, Qin Li or do not want to promise . Sister you dream of although badly ,but also can deal with all the people here ,and I in addition to Nie PA ,other men. I will not fear .
But you stay here ,but I need the distraction . Qin Fan had to direct said UGG Classic Short Boots. The moment I first nip PA control them ,you and I together go .We don ,who we later slowly to deal with .
Hear all that Qin ,Qin Li was silent for a moment ,and then said .She could feel the Qin every body suppressed anger and subtle murderous ,is afraid of Qin who later on to leave .
Okay ,but you must be preceded me out of channel . At this time Qin Fan did think you hurt or kill some people thought ,but listening to the Qin Li said ,he also had to abandon the idea .
He is also confident ,just a year before ,these people will no longer be his opponent .It is also not nip PA . ,it is them as I break through to the martial art Zun habitat stepping stone ,especially you ,Nie PA ,I hope you can become my feet the strongest piece .
At this time Qin Fan made any meaning at Nie Bayi eye . Hands-on while at the same time, Nie PA seems to let Qin where this eye is very uncomfortable ,he muttered ,then in the hands of a tiger knife ,a red flame went towards Qin Fanpi .
The others then shot . wind, is also at the same time ,three colorful butterfly in Qin Li sleeves flapping flying between the two of them out ,around the Nie PA round in a circle ,and one is suddenly exploded from a fog ,the five shrouded in which .
Li in the released the three butterfly ,finally could not resist, spit blood .Then she was biting his said ,then the figure quickly, to display the body, like a graceful butterfly ,moment through few people around ,back to the path leading to the top of the mountain .
At this time Qin Fan eyes and one setting ,he could see Nie PA has been dragged into a short dream ,other people he is not too big a block he wanted to direct the Nie PA hands-on ,but Nie PA strength and martial arts will be no trivial matter.
Touch ,he was afraid to wake you he . Qin Qin Xing then ,who saw the other side of a figure ,look suddenly cold though promised Qin Li don fight, but even to go ,also first
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