c · Roman escalating shooter battle with Macy 's

November 07 [Thu], 2013, 16:39
If it is "money", as one of the best two players in the current world football, c · Rowe may be eligible to request a higher salary. Join Real Madrid three years ago, he was the world's first annual salary, and now Samuel ETO ' o, Hedi dhouib and Messi's annual revenues are more than he. And in the past this summer, Real Madrid had Gonzalo higuain, dimaliya, aerweiaoer, Arbeloa, and Mourinho's team to renew their contracts. But c · Rowe demanded more high salary is has obstacles of, because "Beckham rule" two years Qian was waste, if again signed, c · Rowe will cannot enjoy on foreign people work Qian 5 years income tax only has 24% of protection (c · Rowe signed Shi rule still effective), Spain of personal income tax more in last year by Supreme 43% rose to 52%, new contract will greatly increased Club of burden, and not just from after-tax 10 million to after-tax 15 million so simple. Under the new standards, if the Real Madrid c · Roman tax 15 million annual salary, actual spending was $ 22.8 million per year, extension until 2017, means that wages will have real Madrid only to the next 5 years c · Roman exceeds 100 million! Conversation with President Shimon Peres on Saturday, c · Rowe to the Club for the first time made it clear that unhappy, his reason clubs do not feel would be my "love".

"Penalty points" section, many media peer analysis, c · Rowe supported by the Club, the team and the fans is relatively limited,new balance 998 mens maybe is one reason unhappy. The fact? C · says don't "love" after Kaka on Monday said in a commercial activity, hoping Cristiano knows the team support him, we need him. Arbeloa press conference after to join c · Ron's understanding and support, he heads into its own social network and c · Rowe photo, in order to support his teammates. Burst out, "not happy" expression in the mixed zone interview, c · Rowe has said, and Andres Iniesta to win UEFA eleven-twelveths player of the season-independent (Iniesta got 19 votes, he and Lionel Messi are 17 votes), but real Madrid playing Roberto. Carlos, in an interview with radio Marca said he thought c · Luo Iniesta beat their own "upset". C · Rowe feel they received limited support for Real Madrid, but Mourinho's tactical system, he can only shoot players at any time, from any place. Mourinho coached Real Madrid in the past two seasons, c · Rowe is always team first emplacements, ten-elevenths season, he has completed shooting 241, eleven-twelveths season, the figure rose to 263, which is Spain's largest!

The past two seasons, c · Roman escalating shooter battle with Macy 's, Real Madrid's players are keen to bring c · Rowe to create more opportunities. In terms of Mourinho's tactical system, "apologia" for a player, which is very rare. As for support from the Club and the fans, reporters at the world sports kelisidina·keweiluo analysis is in place, "Cassie and c · between Romania, cheap new balance 999 people love cards more West of Madrid, the Club also more supportive of Casey. "Perhaps the only c · Lo-see, that's his 100% love always get no fans in Madrid, in the Manchester United stands and is still occasionally heard fans show c · Lo songs, at the Nou Camp enjoyed watching the people prepared for Macy's giant" mosaic "slogans, and beinabu has never been so action fans. "Penalty points" section on their Web site on write to: "c · Lo wish I could become a Real Madrid, Lionel Messi. "But unfortunately, different desire born decided it was impossible to achieve, because Messi is Barca their child, he gradually grow up to be a super star in La masilla, Barcelona fans treat their children as Lionel Messi, like Madrid fans attitude towards Kathy, and c · Luo only Madrid" wage earners ".
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