like this document to my passing years

August 28 [Wed], 2013, 15:47
my university has in the past two years! Do not know what it is in shaping me, or I simply do not accept it shape. Everything is still the original look, I was that I, all alone, nothing changed. Maybe I did not find my changes. And why should I change it, I do not know, so I'm still me, always there, quietly waiting. University over those splendid days, those erosion youth, touching love, nothing to do with me. I seem to be snowing clouds, never existed, except in the distant quietly watching all this happen, the end. In those has ended melody, I can not see what I expect Amour. I always feel very bored, why, I do not know, but always insomnia, inexplicable. One sunny day sun almost does not belong to me, all my spare time dwelling in the dorm, a small space, people have a higher than anywhere else feel comfortable. I like this feeling. Do not love cheap new era caps reading, and occasionally look at the novel. Most of the time is spent in front of a computer, watching boring movies, listening to sad songs, movies and songs lamenting their own inside the colorful characters, and then swept away, there is no memory left. Time so repeated, so it went on a day goes by, I also like to spend nothing to harvest this day and time, and finally can not help but feel a little bit of failure, which in turn can blame it?

I do not know which day I had a sudden memory, perhaps in the spring, I do not remember clearly, I was sitting under a tree, a hastily retreating shadow, flash off, without leaving any traces, since then, I began to hope, hope that the shadow can pass from there again, maybe someday she would become slow, let me see. Maybe stop there, no longer leave, no rush. The fact is it is from the future, perhaps never left, but I failed to find. She is like my secret lover exist in my life, repeatedly make my heart and pain. And is willing to bear she gave me a deep suffering, occasionally sweet unrequited love with. huge campus, misty Gu, shadow lonely, nobody v. Zhongchang, only the blue loading my garden. Dusk, sit small lake, sunset drunk to me a smile, sunset drunk my thoughts in one place, the sunset in front of your fingertips. I tiptoe, naive to think you can kiss that last touch of golden sun, the result is: slightly Dianqi toes let me fall Cheap New Era UK to pieces. My sky became dark, the lake becomes dull, muddy. Like to come here; relaxed "people children who mood. night, beating out the keyboard of the word, boring my life, emotion a dismal record on. In those countless sleepless nights, I always think of her, I love the Amour. I fired off letters, just finish past lives, see the afterlife love and hatred. Unexpectedly, love stays in the past, hate came to life. As I look forward to the afterlife, has slim ......
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