Nicolas Ghesquière and Balenciaga break behind

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 21:59

Nicolas Ghesquière and Balenciaga break behind

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On the surface, Nicolas Ghesquière left Balenciaga, it seems very tempting to think he is deeply disappointed by the direction of brand development and management policy of the parent company PPR. Mr. Ghesquière himself refused to comment on the matter. But from the condition of anonymity, according to some (they PPR reached some kind of transaction) get the message, Nicolas Ghesquière's disappointed the source can be traced back at least a year ago, was involved in a similar fiscal and enhance Balenciaga ( Balenciaga Bag ) products Business temperament, and other issues. He may also feel that his concerns and did not get the full attention of the PPR Chairman Fran ois-Henri Pinault.

An angry perhaps too casual for Saint Laurent (PPR's) new creative director Hedi Slimane's appointment, the latter in the last five years, the design is not active, but never designed ladies. He should also be allowed to change the brand LOGO, store design; and continue to stay in LA, need time to come to Paris through diligence.

Nicolas Ghesquière may not agree with this decision, this is a matter of principle. Saint Laurent operators no direct relationship with him, but Balenciaga is also part of the same group.

Around 2001, Balenciaga ( Balenciaga City ) Gucci acquisition, Nicolas Ghesquière began to feel uneasy because the managers of the Group was Domenico de Sole and Tom Ford. In the fall of 2003, he was thinking about quitting, in a subsequent interview, he admitted it. But later lost their jobs Domenico de Sole and Tom Ford, the fall of 2004, Domenico de Sole Robert Polet alternative. Although the latter do not have the luxury of management experience, but to prove himself as a capable manager. He of course aware of the plight of Nicolas Ghesquière. Nicolas Ghesquière also maintained a good relationship with Fran ois-Henri Pinault and his father, Fran ois Pinault.

In the next few years, Nicolas Ghesquière has staged a series of the most dynamic looks. The influence of the Balenciaga ( Balenciaga Motorcycle ) brand in the expanding and became profitable.

Fashion is a very strong reaction of the spring Nicolas Ghesquière 2013 series, staged in October. He said: "This is the fashion, not to move forward, we perish."

Perhaps in 2011, Nicolas Ghesquière relationship with the company's management changes took place, Robert Polet departure from Gucci, Fran ois-Henri Pinault took over the Group, and the name of the parents named Group - PPR.

Fran ois-Henri Pinault must prove, among other things, his revival of The Saint Laurent. But now, he Ship Even Sank first loss of a general. Vanessa Friedman in the Financial Times today said that the situation is a bit strange: PPR does not attempt to announce who will succeed this vacancy, to counteract the impact of of Nicolas Ghesquière leaving events. This caused the uproar of the big event.

Nicolas Ghesquière leave, we received Balenciaga ( Balenciaga Outlet ) spokesman Lionel Vermeil reply mail, the following statement: Clearly, brand from Cristobal Balenciaga times, you set up the highly innovative tradition, will never be maintained. Balenciaga's future will not be incorporated into the mainstream, it will be faithful to their own DNA, adhere to the principle of innovation.

At the same time, there has been talking about, Nicolas Ghesquière may go to LVMH. Or a short break for some time.
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