fuck :D 

August 22 [Sun], 2010, 1:09

this is something really hot.
dont dare to say no xD cos no is a no in my
dictionary. AHEM. this skirt is just..HOT.
and if someone is wearing it for you its even HOTTER.
am i right Sana? x]
-grins brightly- So yeah.. im feeling so hot now.
Hotter than usually i do xD if its possible.

gah XD just one thing pissing me off but im
trying to handle it. ahem.. i better shut up now xD
otherwise my mood will be fucked up -coughs-

anyways.. yeah.
moving into Yokohama with mah personal stalker..
is kinda more than perfect right?
even i feel like i did something wrong with asking him
to move and live with me -.- Its like.. i dont know xD
i have no clue. but however.
we will see anyways.

But who doesnt want to live at the ferris wheel, huh?

Isnt it awesome? x] Suits to my coolness.
However.. i just hope this pretty thing wont regret anything.


ja ne.

can't help 

August 20 [Fri], 2010, 7:07
...this song is just awesome.
each time im listening to this shit of song,
i feel like... ugh i can't explain.
i try to find it with subs to share.

did i tell you guys how much i am in love?
i guess i did. ahem,
i just cant find any subbed version of those songs,
called [ID] and [Sotsugyo] Yeah..
i might translate it later. i will. x]

yet heres an another song which is SUBBED.
hellz, yeah.

Enjoy , my pretty stalker


August 20 [Fri], 2010, 6:34
Oh geez. I need to look forward a ferris wheel
theme for this crap of yaplog heh. x]

at the moment im ugh.. so horny of course.
listening to SoulJa. :] making love to my girlie.
what else... Honestly i missed his touches,
i missed touching him. Every single touch i
am able to give him makes me feel hot.
And i bet so that he is melting under my touches.
-grins brightly-

Oh well, heres a playlist.
A really special one it needs to be heard.
Anyways you can download it xD Yes my little stalker.
Just go to 4shared.com and write up "Soulja Spirits"
there you go.

I love you Sana.
Ugh, i love you so fucking much.

Jessica post x] 

August 18 [Wed], 2010, 6:47
oh my gawd.
im so glad x] i could talk to my princess. finally
of course i missed her like crazy.
bwahaha thats yours, PRINCESS.
at least i could talk to her finally... even it didnt take long,
it was awesome i feel so calm again :]
Jess <3

oh shitz.. i forgot i made some pics yesterday about
the storm but fuckin yaplog didnt want to post -.-
so now i post all pics i made yesterday and before that day yo.


thanks for visiting x]

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