yaplog closing 

March 13 [Thu], 2008, 18:42
Ich habe mich entschlossen mein Yaplog doch wieder zu schliessen!
Ich bekomme hier in letzter Zeit staendig irgendwelche Spam-Kommentare auf Japanisch und weiss nicht wie ich das abstellen kann.
Ausserdem bin ich bereits mit meinem Myspace Blog und dem Livejournal ueberfordert *drop*
Und immer alles dreimal schreiben, darauf habe ich auch keinen Bock! u.u

Aber da ich euch ja eh (fast) alle entweder by Myspace oder im LJ in meiner f-list habe, werdet ihr schon nichts verpassen aus meinem "spannenden Leben" *lol*

PS: Und ich hasse es, dass man hier nichtmal Deutsch schreiben kann mit unseren Umlauten bzw dem "esszet"

just random stuff and a damn catchy song ^^ 

January 19 [Sat], 2008, 21:16
+ started watching Kame's new drama 『1 Pound no Fukuin』 today ^^
actually the story is boring because he's playing a boxer again and I'm not really into this kind of sport but his character is absolutely hilarious xD he's like a complete baka who loves to eat like no other *LOL* so of course he has always problems with overwheight which is not so good as a boxer ^^; but then one day he meets a nun and falls in love with her and the nun tries to help him to control his food addiction xD;

+ I'm almsot finished with the 『NANA』 volumes that Senja gave me last year *drop* I'm so slow u.u
I didn't know that the story gets more and more depressive v_v
I can't wait to read something else *lol*

+ And thanks to Angelina (one of my classmates from the japanese lessons) I found this great site where you can watch Animes on streaming sites that means I don't have to download all the episodes *yay* (my harddisc is already full with dramas and music ^^;;)
There are even some older series like 『Aoki Densetsu SHOOT!』 *_* and OMG I can finally watch 『Ranma 1/2』 until the end!!! <333333
They have also 『Beck』, 『Saiyuki』, 『Yu Yu Hakusho』, 『Fruits Basket』 and 『Monster』 and I'm also interested in 『D.Gray-man』, 『Slam Dunk』 and 『Nodame Cantabile』 *o* wtf there is an anime???

And just because I'm sooo addicted to the song right now here again:
Santana feat Chad Kroeger - Into The Night

An Cafe concert ticket 

January 17 [Thu], 2008, 20:43
I bought the ticket a few days ago
I can't wait to see ATZE again XP
And because I was so disappointed at the Osaka free live (mostly because of the boring fans ) I'm also looking forward to a wonderful NYAPPY live with many jumping, dancing and smiling fans o(≧∀≦)o

resolutions for 2008 

January 16 [Wed], 2008, 17:24
visiting Kasu, Dustin and the Nurnberg people (Curi, Sonja, Judy <3)
learning more kanji and japanese grammar (goal: 1000~2000 kanji )
more working *cough*
saving more money *more coughing*
get into a normal sleep rhythm again

And I just spent my money from X-Mas and birthday on various things like DVD's, magazines, concert ticket etc...

That much to resolution No. 4

stupid tour 2008 goods 

January 14 [Mon], 2008, 21:57
Have you checked the OHP for the new goods
I love the shirt! xDDDDDD
But I wonder if the Europe version will look the same or a little bit different o.o

And yeah the most desired bandana is now SOLD OUT
I feel sorry for everyone who didn't get one
Maybe they'll make a new one in the future...

A shoe (愁) for Lolli XP 

January 14 [Mon], 2008, 7:59
I got this from my dearie Tats/Zukki as a present
It's actually something like a mobile phone strap but since my mobile phone doesn't have a gap for this I think I'll use it as a key chain

I think all the people who knows me and my current obsession understand this cute joke for all the others it's like a pun because:
shoe (English) and Schuh (German) = (japanese) both words sound like the japanese word (name of Girugamesh's bassist)

Inoran's new song "I Swear" 

January 14 [Mon], 2008, 7:12
Because Tats complained that I don't use this blog very often I just decided to copy my lj entry and post here something again *lol*

I already read some opinions in Curi's LJ and most of you seemed not very fond of the song *lol*
I just listened to it and watched the clip at youtube and even if it's not the bomb I still like the song a little bit better than most of the songs from "Nirakanai"
And I'm still kinda amazed by Inoran's voice I don't know but it sounds so different now... He really worked hard and improved a lot!!!
Here is the clip if you haven't watched it yet

And thanks to blacksouldragon I finally got the pictures from INORAN's OPH
This screams for new icons and maybe also a new lj layout though I'm still not sure about the layout cause in less than 2 weeks are the two Girugamesh lives and I know I'll probably have another ShuU flash after that
So let's see...

Happy new year! 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 20:45
I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR

I hope you had a kick-ass party and you'll have good fortune in 2008!!

so lazy 

December 12 [Wed], 2007, 21:52
I'm so damn lazy to update this blog... gomen

Just wanted to show you my cute Hello Kitty socks which I got at St. Nikolaus Day

more Girugamesh related stuff is coming soon...

And I decided to write most of my music related posts in my MySpace blog so if someone is interested go there *lol*

new album covers 

November 06 [Tue], 2007, 23:08

I still don't know how I can post two pics next to each other instead of one above the other o.O

Anyway the covers are AWESOME because it is indeed the Berlin Wall That means they loved us so much that they even used Germany on their CD covers
How can a band be so lovely

Have to pre-order the CD soon...
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