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October 26 [Tue], 2010, 14:50
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"chansung", my new bangs

August 15 [Sun], 2010, 2:23

it's 1.25 am singapore's time....

i should've gone to sleep....but...

i'm busy with chansung's videos rite nowlol

i just cut my bangs...

campus carnival

August 11 [Wed], 2010, 21:28

today, our school had a carnival

everyone who had a ticket could purchase food

and play games with the tokens on the ticket

i didn't play any game though, i just bought food

such as popcorns, traditional snacks, donut and durian ice cream...

aah, i wasn't supposed to eat much today ...huhu

nevermind, gotta start diet again tomorrow...

the icing ^^/

June 16 [Wed], 2010, 5:08
been to the icing @ 313 last week

had this lil cupcake


hot moccha


luv this lil cafe


April 24 [Sat], 2010, 20:37

choshinsei pictures from vivi

aah handsome

yunhak oppa you are so cuteehaha

can you tell how old is he?

he's 26 (us age) still hansam and cutee

vivi~cute outfits

April 24 [Sat], 2010, 20:12

reading some magazines today

nonno, popteen (old issue) and vivi

some coordinates i really like

really love these outfits

white loose shirt and denim hotpants are my favorite

my lil doggies~

April 24 [Sat], 2010, 19:37

pictures of my dogs

mini pomeranian named chocoberry

and white toy poodle named chibi

my little dogs...i'll be going to singapore next monday...

can't see you for several months...

i'll miss you little dogs...

minwoo, donuts

April 22 [Thu], 2010, 16:55

went to mantos mall with mom and melissa

melissa's going to meet her friends there

me and mom bought some stuff to bring to sg at guardian

and bought a&w burgers, duo fries and donuts

last night i and melissa watched three rivers and sgb

daniel henney and rose aka minwoo are totally handsome & HOT

both are korean guys super hot lol

going to watch his drama~pasta

but melissa didn't agree with me, she only likes daniel lol

i used to do not like minwoo

what a handsome guylol don't care if he's not straight or what lol

avocado coffee flavor

* visited grandparents...*

April 20 [Tue], 2010, 13:37

black out again in the morning

hopely tomorrow i can rest @ home....

i really wana dye my hair and pack my things quickly...

last night mom, me, melissa n aaron went to visit our grandparents

at their new house, woow their new house is kinda faar

chatted with grandma yuti and grandpa tex

we also drank fruit juicethat grandma made

next week we're not here anymore....

will miss my family so much

next week nyaa!! happii

April 19 [Mon], 2010, 13:54
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

can't wait to go to sg

next week i'll be in my favorite cityyay

singapore is a small citybut me love iit

i really want to wear pretty dresses

and outfits that i can't wear here


i have many flower mini and lace dresses

yay i finally gotta wear them


i love yui's hair how pretty

i'll definitely do my hair like her hair

i love their outfits here

at my elder sister's shop nao

drinking you c1000

goood for health



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