accumulate 175 anniversary extreme achievement craft exhibitions in the house

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:06

2008 year ends, taking orders Switzerland high class system the form is traditional of the top-class clock brand accumulated a house to welcome 175 anniversary birthdays.On November 21, always be placed in a technique vanguard position in clock field in the world, and possess an accumulating of highest great reputation a brand in order to be in remembrance of this meaning uncommon age, expand brand in the cypress Yue hotel in Peking 175 calendar history in the middle of the long river glorious literary piece, continuously write to make form legend more brightly."Accumulate 175 anniversary extreme achievement craft exhibitions in the house" inaugurates inviting of honor to accumulate chief executive officer Lang Bo in a world hero's(the r& ocirc of J é;me Lambert) Sir, accumulate in home country board director general manager, Ms. Lin 彥 Jun, , with come from the whole whole country of about 120 medium the common witness accumulate a house for 175 years of immortal history.

hold on that night of 175 anniversary grand gala dinner in, with accumulate a knot because of this year the 65th Wearnes film festival is unique one enter the final contest combine Jing pursue gold lion prize leading lady of Chinese well-known actress, Ms. Huang Yi, , and have six Chuan directors of scholastic attainment in the movie also is invited attendance, they with 500 high statuses the honored guest guest is perfect in the art and the craft and hand over and remit in slicing body will come from the magic power that accumulates a brand.Subsequent celebration party, it support and adore more brands to join the celebration row or column of accumulating 175-year-old birthday in the house.

"accumulate a house 175 anniversary extreme achievement craft exhibition" present the one and only ancient books delicacy

the tradition system form craft, keep on frontier spirit, creating the high class system form legend is to accumulate 175 in the last yearses in the house persistence and the constant principle for worshiping is always.Look down upon the machine Xin manufacturing technique of group of heroes achieve of each delicacy, at toward the brand initiate person Antoine LeCoultre the frontier spirit pay respects at the same time, also emolliently pushed the development of machine system in the world form craft;The masterpiece of several unprecedented undertakings of the firsts in the worlds and reach the peak, and newer with time classic doesn't already praise highly the people of this world more.

for example break Reverso of innovation, Duoplan, classic perfect Master Control, highly anticipated Memovox Polaris, praise the spheroid Tuo flywheel Gyrotourbillon of full world I, and the Atmos air clock of 80-year-old advanced age ….

differ from at the beginning of this year at the Hu up offer of surprise-"accumulate uncommon achievement of a clock exhibition", this time"accumulate 175 anniversary extreme achievement craft exhibitions in the house" the one and only of the ancient books delicacy combine high-tech means generous the performance means present, using many different high technology jump the extreme achievement system form craft of accumulating the house however at present, create many all new angle of views to provides visit hard feel each chronometer contains of make form master's intelligence and the perfect fusion of the inspiration, small and soft taste 175 age month passage medium continuously accumulate of make form essence, experience personally for 175 years, the time flows the booming development of turning the middle period field machine system form industry.

follow vehemence generous, the exhibition area of fine tightly packed, what to arrive accumulates 175 calendar history exhibition areas in the house first.No matter is initiate a person Antoine LeCoultre the cleverness lead the person's breakthrough unprecedented undertaking, is still too many to enumerate brand patent technique, or is the self-made deluxe complicated and precise machine Xin that spreads a praise the people of this world …..Floating of mirror slice type appearance demonstration light Lue shadow, fascinating, imitate a Buddha to follow painting book, cross time and space to arrive to accumulate a house to be located in

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