January 12 [Tue], 2010, 2:25

11th Jan 2010

Lang's back <3

got her tongue web pierced.

This break had been really fun, but too short, can't believe i'm back again.. have to be all stressed on my university stuff, well, it's the last month of dealing with those stuff so..thank the lord! and please pray for me everyone, I WANT PARSONS!


Happy 2010 everyone!



December 15 [Tue], 2009, 14:47

14th Dec 2009

4 More days


December 12 [Sat], 2009, 14:06

11th Dec 2004

Lang's here.

So it's our winter formal, SNOWFEST tomorrow

Thank you Dennis for giving me this, i love it ;) first x'mas present for the year. And it will go with my dress don't worry. I really really wanna say sth, and i know you prob wouldn't be going on this i'm gonna say it here.....

You forgot to tear off the prize tag.

hmmm...silly silly boy, But I still Love YOU ;)

i'm looking forward to tomorrow!



December 07 [Mon], 2009, 14:42

Lang's here,

I spent my weekend in QMS, we went to duncan, and vic dt,
it was fun =) and not to mention.."THE CAVE".
haha, haven't done that in a long time.
it was like heaven.

I love the school life over there,
I love how you guys spends your night,
I love how chill it is to be there..

hmmm, i wish i could stay.
Weekend was fun,

but i guess now,
everything's back to normal.

back to what it should be like in Shawnigan,

back to hell.


the ONLY thing i'm asking for is to take me away,
anyone, take me where you call "home".


December 03 [Thu], 2009, 13:13

2nd December

Lang's here,

I woke up this morning,
hoping everything would be better...
i actuallt had a pretty good day,

but when it comes to the night,

killer calls came, as usual...
Why does it have to be so hard?

If you didn't exist in this world,
my life would be so much better.

do you guys know when you said " I would never do that again"
but all a sudden, you wanna do it again?
i know this is stupid,
but i want to,
and this time,
i wanna actually do it.

i remember someone used to save me from this,
but i guess..
not anymore.

bye for the hope and love.
bye for the Yuens.



December 02 [Wed], 2009, 12:37

1st DECEMBER 2009

Wow, it's december already. yayyy..
except, i don't know what's the point of going back anymore,
or i should say... going anywhere?
Days without you is like..learning how to walk,
all over again.

Loving you is like an addiction.

I need someone to tell me where to go,
I need someone to just be here for me,
I need someone to love me,
I need someone who would never give up on me,
I need someone who would hug me like you do,
I need someone who would kiss me like you do,
I need someone who'd be pround of me,

I need someone like you.

When i can't see you go online anymore,
i know you deleted me.

fuck this

December 01 [Tue], 2009, 12:46

30th Nov 2009

Lang's here,

finally got the grade 12 strathcona tie, that was long..=)
well, before typing all these was gonna tell you guys how good my day was,
but... i got a call, RUINS MY DAY. RUINS MY LIFE.

why the fuck do this comparing has to continue,
no metter how outstanding, how much more i did, it's never the same.
should i just don't even keep trying?
after all these, all i've done, nothing was worth it.
fuck me.

You would never ever understand how much this means to me.

And one thing i wanna say,
i remember the day i left hong kong after summer,
we were at the airport, you huged me in your arms,
all those committments and those promises that you've made,
what do they mean to you?

Last year of high school,
what does this mean?



November 27 [Fri], 2009, 3:07

26th Nov 2009

Lang's here.

21 more days to goooo...
But will it still be the same when i'm back?
I was "creeping" someone's fb today..and the onlt thing came to mind was.. WHY DO I HATE THIS PERSON SO MUCH? i truely don't think she deserves to be a human. Or i should say.. she is really NOT civilize.

When someone act like an animal, yea, i mean we are all animals, but..when she doesn't even treat herself likea human, should we? here's a question that we all shoulf think about.

Does every girl deserves to be treated equaly?
Does everyone on earth deserves a repect?

What if that person has done something unforgivable?



November 25 [Wed], 2009, 7:48

24th Nov 2009

Lang's here.

All i want is just to go back home.
Just wanna get these all done asap, get all my application done, and peace outta this place....
no more baby drama,
no more mandatory fugly friends..

23th Nov 2009

Here again..

So i got my mom's call yesterday,
it was surprisingly good, i told her that i quit smoking,
and she told me that she's buy me the latest chanel purse,
and a new apple laptop, since mine's all fucked up now.
And i'll get my own apartment when i'm legel...
hmmmm.....we'll see how it goes...

BTW everyone,
I'm moving to bui sah wan...

yup, don't think that's a good thing cos...
i'm gonna be so far away from all of you =(



November 23 [Mon], 2009, 13:26


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