Disney Mp3 Player 

2009年01月23日(金) 17時09分

Today I'm so happy, because my aunt Carol buy the new year gift to me.
U did not know that I was really, really like it very much, especially the silver color one...look at this one on the left top side in this picture \@0@/and the exterior is Micky mouse, it's so cute and lovely!!!!

it's really killing me!!GOD~~~~(I seems like have a wing fly up to the sky..Yipee~~)
It is unforgettable things~~~ja ne!!!

Semester 2 

2009年01月22日(木) 16時36分
Wow...new semester, we have to buy new textbook ..
poor me!!>Q< I don't wanna buy it because it total cost about $300...
money fly away that make me cry.....no way['>A<']

this holiday is nothing special ,well, feel boring!!
um...how's doing of u?? *v*

Sunny day! 

2007年09月30日(日) 22時40分
What a sunny day~~
In the early moning, nearly at 9am
I was playing badminton with my familiy ,
actually i had not been playing the outdoor
activity for a long time.~~
So , I was feel very tired when I was
played it for 15 mins ago!!
Athough I am not play well ,and I was really enjoy it very much!!
Boo!!I hate all the sweat on my body ,
but it doesn't matter ~~
Hoo he eee eee........
Oh!! i was liked a idiot~~~noway______

An unforgettable School Incident 

2007年09月26日(水) 18時23分
The sun and moon are conscientious men , to stand-in together in half a day .Day by day ,they never stop by job . It time of school , I was attention to focus on what teacher said.I am AngelBelle,
I am a regularly person , I donot hope that i can an unforgettable school incident in my puny life .Actually it couldn't . But now everything is changed and it cannot avoid .
When the new years coming , I was cheerful that i can pass in the exam to be the form four student.
In that way , I met a new friend , she's called siu yuk . She was the silence person , she was very hard to please her as she didn't speak a lot , quiet and quiet. In that time i don't think she be my friend .
After the new term begins , I decided to make her life different in this year in 2007,my plan was started.
In every lunch time we were met together to buy food to eat.I should exploit that time to talk a lot with her , hope that she could response me a bit.
Time flies , across the year , we are understood each other . Siu yuk was open and clear a lot, we can happy together and sad together .I tell you in whispers , she is not quite enough and has an impressive a sense of humor .That is my good result of feat and an unforgettable school incident!
Why do i meet friend with her, maybe she is like me before.

tried day~~ 

2007年09月12日(水) 20時16分
What a trouble day!!
I had a lot of homework to do....
and also I've got sick, feel not better enough!
Anyway, fighting fighting and go go go~~~

Times flies 

2007年09月09日(日) 11時13分

Time goes fast, I don't think I am form 5 student now!
in the past , the time was moved slowly and slowly...
Now, I have not anytime to do everything
..I just say that I haven't done the best in this 16 years~
looking in my life , i was wasted my time...

Even sometimes I was hate myself , if i focus on learning..
i would not have the ugly marks that in my result~~

What a shame~~~

My secret garden~ 

2007年09月08日(土) 11時17分
Um.. I am first time to write it in yaplog.. feel exciting , happy!! hope everything is all best~~
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