i don't want to 

September 05 [Wed], 2007, 17:27

i don't want to be only your great friend.
i don't want that. ;(

2007 Sep. 5th 

September 05 [Wed], 2007, 16:50

that's it,,
Nyo Nyo and Lily's story ends on today.

we still love each other,
just not like used to.

Nyo Nyo really appreciated that she had met Lily on the summer of 2005.

no matter what happens later,
Nyo Nyo loves Lily.

hey, our video 

May 26 [Sat], 2007, 22:05

this made you cry like baby, awww love you!


May 08 [Tue], 2007, 17:21

babyyy, rrrwarr,,
did not mean to punch yer face so hard,,
alought, i really thought of that for a second...

you know i love you r.
love you love you love youuuuu


March 22 [Thu], 2007, 18:54
how's yer work today?
mama said you were a good, hard-working kid...without license.

im going to finish my ppt.
then wait for you at home.
so we can gota grandpa'z

( i will study hard for my 2-year colleges )

you love me love you

bibi,, tell you a secret:

i think

im a lil bit
jealous of Davi.



March 17 [Sat], 2007, 3:28
i feel happy today,,IM happy today,, :]

i had fun today,, from this mor. until now,,
i got up late,, i got enough sleep,,
(even we were late for practicing 20ppl21feet*)

we had Mr. Macdonald's for LUNCh,, so good.
and i didn't get fat,, still fuckin' skinny as usual.
(no boobs)

yeah huh,,
then we played Mah-Jong this afternoon before PE class.

Rachel won a lot,, lol.
i was the one who lost a lot, lol. no good..."

we went swimming and we were good.
we had fun
we got high
we cute, we young..."

Gogo is here w/ her friend,,
havn't seen Gogo for a while since Chinese New Year,,

we went to grandpa's instead of going to Jessica's
feel disappointed a lil bit,
but we had fun there over grandpa's
we were a weird family,, btw cute.

i love you i love you,,
my stalker

william zinsser 

March 14 [Wed], 2007, 17:50
he's the writer of "College Pressures",,

when someone is talking or worried about students' future,,
what are most students doing in the mean time?
busy w/ making more friends?
busy w/ dating boys?
busy w/ crying for no boyfriend?
busy busy busy ,,

im just saying this,,
not trying to convince you to think that im a Good, study hard gal

stoP complaining,,
stop shopping too Much n crying for no $


March 12 [Mon], 2007, 17:42

it's March now,,
then April is coming next one,,
after Apr. is May ... ...

everyBody is leaving during the May,
or the end of May,,

i wanna wanna i wanna wanna fly back with you euh,,
life is tough,, adn we gotta be strOng, you know >(
coz' it won't be worse anymore,,

college test is hold on Apr. 29th,,
im excited,, im nervous,,
im im...

the life is still without camera...
camera camera camera,,

Japan Japan Japan,,
would it become true if i keep saying or wishing that?

Roman Fever,,
the story is good,,
the ending is shocked,,
why nobody tried to blame on the man?huh?

the winner is Mrs. Ansley? cuz' she has Mr. Slade's daughter?
who is the real bitch?

Mrs. Ansley? or Mrs. Slade?
who cares...
i care how i can get through those days without my baBiiiiii,,

fuck yoU...
i only have 3 more free absences,,


planning to watch Hannibal Rising ...

in English 

March 06 [Tue], 2007, 18:59
aloha, bibi.
how's yer work today?

im gooddd,

are you excited about yer flight in May??
im excitedddd,,


bleh, kidding...im nervous, actually.
that means we are gonna be in diff. country again.


ˇoˇ sad,,

o口o i don't like Maxine, that's my secret. i Hate her so much.
keep it as the secret between us.

oh, by the way,
this mor. on my way to the class, i met Paul.
he asked me where you were, and i told him you sleepoverrrR.
then he laughed.


and i got a Keroro gift from familymart today.
tell you another secret,,
i dislike when im the last one to know everything.
im selfish, and hard to be pleased. (i think you know that.)

that's why i get a LIL bit MAD when you said you'd been DOG PIG ART before w/ Alon.

fuckin' art show,
most of time, ppl are just like sneak around to join conversation w/ strangers.

culture difference.
that's not my place.

music sucks there, too.

yes yes, i was a retard.
i dunno YOUR music and YOUR JOKES.
you, him, them.

bye bye,,


February 24 [Sat], 2007, 15:47

高雄高鐵外觀內部也蓋的很不ョ啊 哈哈


(那時候也開始想念高鐵的好了 兩小時總比五小時好)

機車真的很不方便 唉呀呀啊
臭李立維還一直叫我載 那小王八蛋

趕快我好想要一台mini cooper有夠帥氣

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