September 24 [Wed], 2008, 16:22
I'm interesting healthy live!

I have good sleep everyday.

My favorite cushion is very nice!!

This is comfortable to sleep in and excellent!!

I get up every morning feel so good!!

So I energy all day!!

Sun's power is amazing!!

I notice at last...

I Love SATC ! 

September 22 [Mon], 2008, 17:41
I saw movie of Sex And The City two weeks ago.

So I'm interesting there very much!!

There are very tough and fashionable!!

Specially,I love pat's style!!

She is so wonderfull!

There have many lover.

But,I thinking my boyfriend is best!!
So I'm very happy!

feel so bad! 

June 03 [Tue], 2008, 16:49
I have a cold last week.
And I'm in poor health.
So I want few rest.
But I have to go to a driving school!
Because I reach a taime limit at 12 July.
Wow... I keep still half classes.
Ahh... Can I finish school??
I'm in poor health and driving school clacces is time limit soon.
I have light panic!!
But I want to become once I have said I will do it,I will do it at any cost.

I seek pafect too much.
But peason is not pafect.
And a sentence full of mistakes.
I should think take it so easy.

I want to become health.

a long time ago... 

May 27 [Tue], 2008, 15:13
I can't wrote this diary.
But no reason.
So, I tired everyday.

But I'm happy.
Speshally, I see a my boyfriend and girlfriends.
They were send me a lot of power!!!
So I'm happy but busy now.

I have many hobby.
Shopping,watching TV progrom,see a movie,playing TV game etc...
So almost indoors☆

So I should more moving body and sports!!

Do you something sports?
I want to playing tennis☆

By the way, I love fastion!!
Clothes is make me happy.
And I like to wearing celebratty girls.

I'm let one's hair grow now!!
Now my hair is midium long.
I want to let one's hair a hiplength☆
I was all excited at what kaind of hairstyle!!

spring has come. but... 

May 07 [Wed], 2008, 1:45
Spring fashion's image by bright colors.

For exanple,pink,green,blue,yellow,orenge and so on.

But I like brown now.

Brown is rather dark color.

But my nail and my hair and my clothes,everything color's brown!

Brown is rather fresh!!

I think so.

But I copying cover of magazin's Hilary duff.

I loved her!!

So I'll copying her fashion.


Nice to meet you ! 

May 07 [Wed], 2008, 0:42
How do you do?

My name is mimi.

This blog is my diary of english.

But, I can't speak english and writting too.

So,my diary is not pafect english word and spelling.

This diary are wrong words only!!

So I glad to you teached me,my diary's wrong word!!

I studing english so happy.

Because,I like American cinema and britain's too.

I'll english lurned,I want speak english and hear.

So I understand mean of hearing english,so not needs subtitle a film to me!!!

This is my great dream.

So,you enjoy my broken english and broken days.




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