to think that i have yet again fallen... 

August 11 [Thu], 2005, 14:34
you can't avoid it.
it's in your bones.
in between oxygen and carbon dioxide...

from the way i talk about love sometimes, one would might be inclined to think that i thought it a negative concept. i guess that i am a little gun-shy from being burned numerous times. Whenever i fall for someone...i fall really hard. So yeah, i guess i got sucked back in...

will things turn out different this time around?

or will it be the usual rinse, wash, repeat cycle i am so accustomed too...

'and so it seems...only in dreams'

recent pics of me.... 

August 06 [Sat], 2005, 13:50
hmmmm (all apologiez for the pics being cut off )

hardcore djembe action! whammy!

cheers yall

song of the day! (August 5th edition) 

August 06 [Sat], 2005, 13:34
Ok...hahahaha....this one is just for fun. This band sucks, i think...but for some reason, i like this song. i think it's the drums. But this is an American 'nu-metal/visual kei' band called slipknot. Please don't buy their CD's or become interested in them. This song is called 'Duality'. hahaha..i'm sorry....

Slipknot- Duality:

the REAL song of the Day!

This song is called "Clint Eastwood" and it's by a UK band called the Gorillaz. This song is pretty hard to describe. It's hip-hop/pop/electronic/alternative/whatever....but it's a great song...i have to get up and dance everytime i listen to it! x_X

(i've never seen a picture of the band members in person)

Gorillaz- "Clint Eastwood":

Japanese song of the day coming soon!


August 05 [Fri], 2005, 1:35

Ah! When is incubus going to go on tour again! It's almost been 1 year since i last saw them live (and i really really really need to see them again!!!) ><;;;;;;;

In the meantime, THIS BAND:

(which is near and dear to me) will be playing a show in about 2 weeks not 2 hours away from here. BUT as tickets to the show are $45 and the best seats available are already mid/back rows, i don't think i'm going to go.

Meanwhile, THIS BAND:

(the Indigo) will play their first US concert this month as well. Although i've considered making the trek up to Baltimore to see them, i don't believe i can spend that much $$$.

And finally, AUGUST 16, THIS BAND will release a LIVE DVD with 25 SONGS ON IT!!!!! i am going to die of happiness when i watch it!!!

o whammy.

The Greatest Game Ever Played... 

August 04 [Thu], 2005, 11:30
Monday afternoon. Me, Jameson, Kurt, and Andrew all go out for a refreshing game of golf. Unfortunately, as it was about 95 was anything but refreshing. But we still had alot of fun. Me and Jameson vs Kurt and Andrew in a match of "best ball". Me and Jameson shot a 45 and Kurt and 'Drew shot a 46! We were tied the entire game until the last whole. Me and Hugh were stoked! Golf is should all try it!

Andrew prepares to tee-off on the hole #1. Little did he know that this was going to be a loooooooong game...

Kurt Sasser gets Jiggy wit it on the first hole. Kurt has a major 'homerun swing'. But it works...he can seriously piss on it. (<-- golf slang for "hit the ball really really hard)

Jameson attempts what looks to be a 15 foot putt. He probably missed it.

Andrew and Kurt (aka 'THE LOSERS') chillin in the cart.

say 'hello' to the crapiest (but cheapest) golf course in Alabama!

edit: !@#$%$ why does it always cut my pictures off! sorry for the poor quality...

"Catchphrase" Domination... 

August 04 [Thu], 2005, 10:46
Sunday night, we partook in our weekly Catchphrase game. In case you don't know what 'Catchphrase''s a brief explanation: It's a cute little electronic pod that flashes various pop culture, history, random dictionary words, and other words on-screen. Your objective is then to try to get your teammates to say the word on the screen by giving clues (but you cannot say the word, or any party of the word on the screen). If you're successful, you pass the pod to the next player. There is a 1 minute timer. Regulation play is to 7 points. Whammyz.

It was Males vs Females.

In the end, the males won a mantastik vicotry. Shout outs to my boys Jameson (aka Hugh), Alex (aka Rugg), and Collins (aka lesbian). See you boys next week. (with a hopefull appearance from Mr. Vandy, John Trapp.)

In Catchphrase, it is key to use inside jokes and little stupid personal thingies shared with team members. Unfortunately, the males didn't have this on their side. (Kudos to the did something right). Unfortunately, appart from acutal "knowledge" the only unorthodox hinting came from Collins' non-stop, non-understandable sexual innuendo. (thanks lesbo). You can give Collins just about any words or phrase and he will find some way to link it to sex. It's unnreal. Of course, because his hints get so outrageous, it 's impossible to guess the word. Well, we won, so all is forgiven.

Colins gives useless hints while Casey and stares in disbelief

Alex and Jameson (who manages to be in all of my pictures) stares at me

Yuka and Amanda. Jameson is a camera whore.

Jameson finally gets the attention he wants...what a slut

Songzzz of the Day! 

July 28 [Thu], 2005, 11:28
Ok yall, it's that time up your iTunes!

For my 'English' selection, i'm going with a song from my most favorite band in the world: incubus. This is a new song from the 'Stealth' soundtrack called "Make a Move". It's a catchy 'jumpy' song...pretty uncharacteristic of any incubus songs before (but in actuality, none of their songs are similar). But it's definately work checking out! i might have to start posting 1 incubus song everday, cause i love 'em so much!

incubus- "Make a Move"

and for my Japanese song selection:

This song is from virtually unknown Japanese band called "fra-foa". They broke up a few months ago, but lead singer Mikami Chisako still has a solo career. Fra's 2 CDs are both out of print, and therefore are impossible to buy (unless you pay out the ying-yang for them on ebay). i was fortunate enough to grab both of them off a now dead Jpop torrent tracker. So if anybody wants their albums, i'll gladly upload it for you!

This song is called 'Light of Sorrow'. It is one of my favorite love songs of all time. The lyrics are very powerful. i hope you guys enjoi the fra goodness!

hmm...the i can't seem to make a link work (curse Japanese html!) so copy and paste this link into your browser. onegaishimasu!



July 28 [Thu], 2005, 2:41
Today, i'm gonna attempt to work some culinary magic. If my attempt is sucessful, i'll post a pic. And here's a really funny picture: (credit to virile from DAIforum)

Me, Myself, and the Other 

July 27 [Wed], 2005, 13:03
this is me (the guy):

Noo, i don't know karate. It's just a random 'Salvation Army' t-shirt my friend gave me!

Um...this is from Aya's B-day party. Good times. We played Uno like there was no tomorrow.

cheers, bigearz

Song of the Dizzay 

July 27 [Wed], 2005, 12:45
and's time for......
The Song of the Day

Today, i've decided to include an English song and a Japanese song.

For my English selection, i've chosen "The Disctrict Sleeps Alone Tonight" by the Postal Service.

The Postal Service- "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight"
The Postal Service is a pretty undescribable band. i guess you could just say 'Alternative'

and for my Japanese selection: Six Pence None the Richer- "Kisu Shite" (Japanese version of 'Kiss Me'):

Six Pence None the Richer- "Kisu Shite"

ok yall....that's it for today! Peace and hair grease

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