Ex situ Tsu WPI first appearance

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 12:28
Ex situ Tsu WPI first appearance, but Anthony feels hot, even 3 Cosco investment cut down 7 points. Nick made 12-2 in 2 minutes attacks surge, one the Lakers 8 points. Since then, Howard hit three Chase, Anthony hit three points to be, Bryant also used free throws up. Both sides in the offensive, Bryant and Anthony began to push each other, former breakthroughs and even third 5 nike blazer high uk min, Anthony hit three long distance minutes in return. The Festival, Bryant 11 points of attack, Anthony better discs cut off 17 points to help Nick to 78-77 one the Lakers. Distal phalanx, Lakers strengthened defense, offensive end Bryant who had 6 points, score one. Since CIC Anthony Chase, but the Lakers overwhelming, Nash miaochuan, Howard storm, and Gasol CIC. Before the final 3 minutes, Anthony in both, the difference narrowed to 2 points. Key moments, both Howard and Nash's jump shot hit, Smith return for three points. The last 40 seconds and Gasol both, the Lakers leading 3 min. Smith three not, Gasol dunk (microblogging) Gilberto Silva. Nick naught, away but unfortunately lost.

Recalled Qian consists of competition, field Shang also is wonderful lens continued, first section General has fast attack in the of war axe split buckle, Cha Mosi is alone was 12 points Rob do Thunder, Thunder team party Durrant off into trap, errors continued of while also into foul trouble, but Martin single section are 9 points force pole Thunder team does not collapsed, third section Durrant nike blazer low sale strong returned, he rate team in Miami people defense frequency out vulnerability of several minutes completed one, field Shang score has been is agglutination State. Until fourth section, two support team only exposed has they real terrorist of side, heat team has Wade, and General, and Cha Mosi, Thunder team is has Durrant, and dimension Republika cloth Lu grams and Martin, bayonet charge in the, remains overall strength more powerful of heat team laugh to has last, this war after, heat team Hao take 5 consecutive victories, also let Thunder team in 12 consecutive victories zhihou swallowed Xia two even defeated.

Nash house cut down 16 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds, Howard contributed 14 points and 12 rebounds, and Gasol recorded 13 points and 9 rebounds. "For us, this victory is very important, because a little bit before we despair," Nash said, "since Mike Brown to leave, we have experienced a lot, including a new coach, a new offensive system, the transition process is very difficult. "They (Lakers) are more aggressive," Anthony said, "Bryant's status is very good, Steve Nash hit some balls at a critical moment. When Nash sent out, the Lakers will be tough. Those guys know how to play in their teams, they have been waiting for the return of Nash, after his return, they began to make sense. "When it comes to the Lakers ' performance in the second half, Nash praises," had we played more determined, and has insisted on fighting. ”
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