Nick Wooderson Dodson talked about team defense after the game

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 10:06
Nick Wooderson Dodson talked about team defense after the game. "Defense of the last 10 games we have diminished, a bit in the other direction," Wooderson said, "and we had a lesson in video, show our players they are defense in the opening quarter, when we were defensive first team, as well nike air presto sale as attacking the first name of the team, we have some decline after that. "This is the first time since January 2011 Spurs away visiting Madison Square Garden Arena, which is also hosting spurs for the first time after the arena renovations. Popovic joked before the game park roared, laugh he does not know how to move from the locker room to the stadium.

Nash's comeback was more organized by Lakers offense, but the team's defense is not much help, the Lakers rebounded to really absolutely cannot ignore the defensive presence. Bryant and Howard as defending two of the most powerful players in the team, they want to lead by example to lead the team. Morris was in the starting lineup against each other several times a arrangement of main control health tomorrow, and Paul is his defensive ability test. Was Denver Nuggets team nike blazer high sale in 17 consecutive victories after the end of fast fleet lost to the Warriors away team, two losing streak where they make Western leader. Tomorrow's Derby battle with the Lakers, faster fleet to seek rebound. Paul a steady play in the team, but Griffin is no small trouble, yesterday he was David Li Wansheng, tomorrow have the Lakers ' twin towers, an improvement of his will directly affect the competitiveness of inner lane of fast fleet. Two in the losing streak in Finland had a total of 22 points, only 27.3% hit, the team he had 58.2% hits during the winning streak.

Nuggets home game 97-101 to wolves, which compared with a defeat Clippers game on team performance is far cry, Nuggets coach George Karl after the end of the game, can't hide his disappointment. "We just throw away a victory," Karl said after the end of the field, Nuggets home record of 10 WINS, 2, "it's not our attack, all lifeless, compared with with the Clippers before that game is totally different. "A change in this field, forest-Joachim Wolf main striker Kevin stamp accidentally hurt his finger during a game, do not go back on the field in the second half, but this change does not let his team-mates lost the fight, instead is more people to stand out. "Everybody is amazing, we have today are ready here. "J.J.-Baria said.
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