Dynamic team core lineup meant Lakers currently have

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 15:49
Dynamic team core lineup meant Lakers currently have, but Nash's injury, the Lakers believe that control must be addressed to health crises. Nash and Blake, been ruled out during the Lakers charged back line made up of Duhon and Morris. "I think I'll been ruled out for at least two weeks. "Nash, Monday local time acceptance today of the United States, said in an interview. According to sources claimed, Nash's left leg fracture has healed, he cannot return to the real reason is he's cheap nike air max 90 left leg nerve stimulation, which is a more troubling issue. 5 most recent games, the Lakers lost 4 games, defeated the Hornets only. "I wish I could change the team," Nash said, "I think this team is close to playing very well, but this is a difficult process. This is like the second training camp, these guys do not have enough time, in Dantoni's guided training. In addition, we do not have access to opportunities to play with under the new system, we are trying to get out of trouble. ”

This season, when using low back when Durrant, failure rate is only 3.2%, and when he performs at the pick and roll, failure rate is as high as 29.4%. Early season, Durrant despite the number of assists, but his mistake also skyrocketed. To this end, the Thunder decided to let Durrant more fall into the low, or back, or the basket's singles, reduce the amount of his implementation of the pick nike shox canada and roll. When using low back when Durrant, he chose to pass the proportion had reached 21.5%, compared with last season's 18.8% also has improved. Grasp passing time, select pass point of marked progress in Durrant. His 17 passes this season, teammates 17 shooting, 1.182 per round, hit 70.6%, Durrant and Union first data (at least 15 balls all players). More unusual is, Durrant did not appear a mistake.

According to station-Mike Ma Ziao ESPN New York reported, after home 97-100 regret-Nick, DeLong-nets guard Williams blame their own performance. This game, he play four minutes 39 seconds, but 16 voted in only 6, Trey vote in only 1 in 6, 18 points and 10 assists. There is 2.4 seconds left the game, he missed a space of three points, the nets and the ultimate in home fans of Nick's team. So far, I think this season I didn't play a good game, after the game, in an interview, DeLong quite upset about their own performance, "tonight I got 18 points and 10 assists, but for me, this performance is not good, this is my standard. I need to rule the game, found on the presence of game rhythm. For whatever reason, (I must admit) playing now is not what I want. I think I need to play more aggressive. ”
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