Charlotte Bobcats Arena combat

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 15:43
Charlotte Bobcats Arena combat, engaged the visiting Eagles, they eventually 91-101 to rivals, two consecutive victories to abort. The Eagles made four in a row after the game. Huo Fude 26 points 13 rebounds, Jeff-Teague received 13 ' 12 assists, Calderon, Jose Smith 10 points 4 rebounds 8 assists, Keller-Corvol-6 shooting third, 16 points 6 rebounds. Bobcat, Mongolia-Sessions 22 points, BA-Walker score 16 points 9 assists, Jeff-Taylor 6 shooting third, resulting in 16 min nike omar salazar sale 3 steals. Charlotte Bobcats before games, made 6-4 record, ranked third in the East. If they were to win again, to catch up with last season's total number of WINS. But after they start today, live Eagles attack-proof. Eagle Center in El-ext Huo Fude domination, he has 14 points 5 rebounds, led the Eagles leading 30-23 the first section.

Rocket House made 51.7% hits, Trey-25 shooting (hit 56%), got 131 points, these data are confirmed, Nick, the game played a defensive level of the students, which rely on defense this season to eat them is indeed an irony. After the Lin Shuhao, Nick has been billed a team transformed, and in this game, forest played little efficient shooting performance of the season, and Marcia gay harden and Parsons both goalscorer is irresistible, in the year when the Lakers against Nick, Bryant (micro-blog) who had shouted out Lin Shuhao is? Eventually which with 38 points of performance proved has own, now in forest go Hou, New York also forget has Lin Shuhao is who, Anthony more nike vandals high uk is insisted "Lin Shuhao does not worth rocket investment" of views, but this field competition, civilians rocket is let Nepal grams Republika China array paid has cost, some when, Prides goes before a fall, from this field competition see, rocket from attitude Shang this blowout win Nepal grams Republika, and New York also for own of lax and ignored paid has cost.

No Lin Shuhao, stronger in New York! This was before with rocket exchange, a consensus of many American media. Especially Nick, media is a strong believe that at first glance seems so, while Nick win a series of victories won 8 of 10 field; the other hand Lin Shuhao weak weak then the malaise. The contrast was obvious. But saying, fearing domestic goods than Beijing time on November 24, Nick 103-131 fiasco rocket away, swallowed the biggest defeat of the season, also means that the argument was merciless face. This may be a team battle between the two ages vary, from the average age, Nick, filled with veterans in the first episode, youngest Brewer in the first player was 27 years old, even in a contest they had sent pulijiaoni, Kidd (micro-blogging) and Cort-Thomas on the present line-up. What about rocket?
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