Arsic no doubt highlight this season to ride in League rebounding list top

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 16:43
Arsic no doubt highlight this season to ride in League rebounding list top, cut down 13 points in this war-9 shooting 18 rebounds, he hit number of times less than 10 Basic has become a stereotype, but observe the two pairs have also become a habit of rockets fans. Harlem in this war there are sudden nike omar salazar sale or miaochuan directly to find the perimeter Arsic, Arsic absolute level although it has not reached the top center, and Tag Heuer to take a rebound score but efficient transformation, effectiveness is also highlighted. Rocket was 7 WINS, 7 negative win-back 50%, prospects do not look to the playoffs prematurely, 50% win fight for baseline, so the rocket is still worth looking forward to.

Section II was relegated to substitute Darren-kelinsen fabulous after, sending 4-1 assists, helped calf 38-31 expansion of the difference. Critical juncture, 76 people by the Malik-keenen ivory Wayans even 5 minutes, they stop the tide. Both sides subsequently in agglutination. End of period, calf 56-53 lead. The corruptor, under the tight defense of the 76 people, calf's offensive slump, their third section had a total of 17 points. 76 people in Sardis-yanghetena under 75-73 one score nike vandals high uk to the end of section III. The fourth Festival began, both sides once Agglutination, but 76 person Haweis, middle section and this section, led by Yang, and made a 12-0 attack wave, 91-81 expanding lead in one fell swoop. Carter later led rebel, after his breakthrough bothering dribblers and score, help calf 98-100 approached the score. Unfortunately, Mayo 76 penalty after the attack did not throw 2 balls, calf but unfortunately lost.

Wolves struggle hard to beat King 97-89. "Cupid" Kevin carefour brush out of the horrors of the data, the winner was scored in his 17 shooting, cut down one minute 23 rebounds! 24 rebounds was the single highest number of rebounds so far this season, which is also the 16th Lok Fu career cut down two-20 data. How terrible carefour? Data that describes the problem. Games just a day and a half, he has grabbed double-digit rebounds, you know double performance rebounding, even rebounding whiz also need a game to complete. But carefour was easily, as if in a twinkling of an eye, of double-digit rebounds in the Pocket. Of course all is far from over, carefour rebounds are still rising fast. If half of war he "only" has grabbed 11 rebounds, then start their crazy ex situ post-war his performances, he took off a rebound, as if everything sucks. His follow-up shot 3 minutes 12 seconds before the end of the game successfully, his holding the number of rebounds in 24 the figure above. While his score also broke the 20 mark.
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