Currently binary extension of foreign aid has not been finalized

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 12:18
Currently binary extension of foreign aid has not been finalized, but the media have claimed, former Lakers Mbemga is likely to hand in hand with double star, believed at the time the new season drawing near, double star team will finalize the foreign aid at the fastest speed, which is also very likely nike air penny 5 for sale to catch up with the three international matches. At that time, maidi mix Mbemga appearance, was performing at the NBA level. Maidi debut series was invited to the United States star team will be taught by former rocket star Mutombo personally. The Chinese fans are old acquaintances maidi old team-mates, the two "rocket men" met at the stadium in China is also a major aspect of the game. In addition, former Cleveland laodaliji·daiweisi will appear in United States stars in the team's lineup, the physical condition of excellent small forward has always maintained high intensity training. Believed to be connected with maidi will wipe out sparks of the confrontation.

Brown after a class, from the fans to the Lakers top, show great enthusiasm for Jackson's comeback, aged 67, Zen master on "three enters" showed a keen interest. Zen master status, after all, respected, however, invited their comeback is by no means easy. In addition to the high salary, who departed for his comeback series of additional conditions, such as with the team for the away adidas adizero rose 3.0 for sale game, replaced members of the coaching staff, to increase its staff control over the Lakers, culminating in the comeback on the condition, the two sides failed to talk about long, eventually disintegrating. Jackson before he left office last year, annual salary at about $ 12 million, this natural regression salary cannot be less than this number. Because age, coupled with the knees and old injuries, Zen master operations have more inconvenienced, to deal with NBA strength competition is easier said than done. Compared to Jackson, deandongni teaching conditions apparently more acceptable. Deandongni 61 years old younger, more energy, the most important thing is, he was too much about the Lakers ' request, more convenient small bass management of the team, not like a Zen master, will get themselves in trouble.

Lakers officials before the hiring was announced Nick-coach Mike Dantoni as the new coach of the team. It is learnt that the parties signed a 4-year contract, the first three years the total value of us $ 12 million, fourth year the Lakers have a team option. Rumor most likely back to the Lakers before coaching the "Zen master" Phil Jackson as making too many requests were ultimately the Lakers give up. After the Lakers official change, domestic basketball experts have also expressed their views.
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