Garnett today 8 points

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 11:13
Garnett today 8 points, 10 rebounds in NBA history to play on a date, he even Charles Oakley to 1282 game, tied 15th place. Wallace in the game when you have 9 minutes 31 seconds was foul, he seized the nike air max excellerate cheap Garnett jerseys to keep their balance, from falling. Garnett did not comment, but he later protested Wallace pulled his shorts too long. Then both of them started the battle of saliva, and pushing each other and eventually eat technical foul, bulache and Li also received a technical foul. Garnett said after the game, he asked Wallace was doing at that time, but did not answer him. "I don't know in the United States where you can go to anyone's shorts pulled down violently, I don't know what he is doing? "Garnett said. After a few minutes salinjie Wallace sent an malicious foul, but no further action on both sides.

Cha Mosi section has no score income, yet there are still 12 points, Dwyane Wade 8 assists in 3 instalments, Pos 6 ' 4 rebounds, Mike Miller 6-; ibaka of the Thunder got 11 points, Yves Brock 8 of 10 shooting, Durrant first half only 4 times help to get 8 points, Kevin-Martin replacements get a score of mens nike air max 95 10. It is worth mentioning that, heat first half only two free throws, one Durrant heat free throws after technical fouls, there is also a General 2+1, and Thunder obtained a total of 19 free throw opportunities.

Nick battle first, Bryant twice completed bothering dribblers, at a bottom line balls, Bryant with a cover, help Nash passing, vacancies hit jumpers, single vote in under 6 h 13 min 10. Fourth section critical moments, is also Nash sent Bryant the ball, Bryant cut complete bothering dribblers. When entering the no ball mode, Nash is Kobe the best helper, he continued as Bryant transporting artillery shells. Nash before the comeback, Gasol is always in the trade rumors swirling, and judging from the past two games, Nash while it is dominated the ball, Gasol's performance has improved, in particular, his distances in this position. This game, when the presence of Nash, Gasol 10 shooting to 50% hit cut off 13 points 7 rebounds 6 assists. In the distance, Gasol 4 vote of the season, the average hit rate for 37.9% 2, he also cast a threes.
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