Start to the Festival

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 16:52
Start to the Festival, although harden had not been present, but Lin Shuhao took over the game, 1 steals 1 assist + bothering dribblers, Lin Shuhao helped rocket the difference widened to 9. After 1.5 min, Delfino fast attack single hand-split buckles, rockets difference widening to 11 points. After that, the rockets more Vietnam war, Lin Shuhao assists twice in a row, Arsic and Morris scored, respectively, bothering dribblers and then his own hits, led an 8:0 made of small orgasms, the difference widened to 17 points. Lin Shuhao bothering dribblers and continuously after womens air max 2012 they once again, rocket to 55:34 build a 21-point lead advantage. At the end of halftime, the rockets leading by as much as 17 points. Rebel rocket did not give bulls hope that third section begins, Romeo morri sibiao three points, difference was once again dispatched to 20 points, Bulls no signs of any repercussions. Third paragraph of the section, Lin Shuhao bothering dribblers hand, Parsons sibiao three points, Lin Shuhao in both, rocket to 84:51 established by as much as 33 points ahead. Although Nate-Robinson outbreak of three continuous drag racing, Marco belineli is also found in the outside touch, but this section of the final minutes, rockets always keep 25+ 's lead, three leading by 26 points at the end.

The fourth 10 minutes 54 seconds, a danger of bringing the two sides to the conflict have on hands. Weiss was first successfully steals in the backcourt Weide dribble, then launch a quick attack one dribble into the frontcourt, Vicwood and battier two people behind him trying to catch up. After all three of them ran into the restricted area, Weiss deliberately paused footsteps seem to want cheap nike air max 2011 to hit each other a time difference, but the other two do not be deceived, as Yves takeoff bothering dribblers, battier and Vicwood will also study the past. Judging from the slow motion playback, the ball and there is no obvious malicious actions, but under the three high speed impact, battier went to cover with Weiss's hand, then people are both men and horses thrown off their feet to fly out. Davis fell to the ground immediately after battier to go theory, two teammates to catch up in the process, Weiss began to go after the separated by the referee, but ibaka looks after their tempers more, battier will just get up, he had to push open, but for a bunch of journalists behind the latter, this push to make him fall down. This, Verde or idle, final decisions to Eibar and Weide was a foul.

It is interesting, as Arsic "old ancestor", NOAA released before the game: "Although Arsic to play their replacements in the past did not merit and elbow grease, no elbow grease and fatigue, but as an enemy, he looks forward to Turkey as people playing like shit in the game. "As to the result, a big black humor. In the game, Arsic to force as one rule-level Center, just 54 seconds after the start, he caught a defensive rebound and then stand on the free throw line. Soon he and storm chase under the basket, and completed a second attack. Single Turkey people a total of only 6 minutes and 48 seconds, brush a lot of data, individuals have contributed 5 points 5 rebounds. After the section on stage again, Arsic to be more violent, he caught an offensive rebounds, but unfortunately the subsequent second attack fails to hit, try my luck he bottom line after trying to help, but also failed. But saying now the beat, only to subsequently scored, Arsic, proof of everything.
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