Rocket should not be emphasized the objective factors

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 16:05
Rocket should not be emphasized the objective factors, after all, the team itself similarly poor performance today. Break city completely promising out opponents, three wars they have accumulated 10 points advantage, but distal rockets was suddenly loses power, all attack feeling cannot be found, a wave of 22-2 have also been beaten by wasps! But opponent 10 points behind. In the team air jordan sale is behind the case, rockets players selected were: passed the ball to harden on the hand, trying to make his personal capacity to open. Marcia gay harden is doing my part, again and again to the rockets inside assault, but today the referee was not to whistle, along with WaSP build-up heavily in inner lane will rocket the only offensive repertoire completely stuck. When Marcia gay harden after this failure, taking city and there is no room for tilting pan, could only jiaoqiang.

Humans have been unable to prevent Brandon-Jennings, his back to back in the match against the bulls today, third section section cut down 20 points, helped stags to complete reversal, 104-96 beat the bulls. Jennings House competition-24 shooting, 35 points 6 rebounds 6 Dunks he play on Sun 29 points, Monta get 15 points 5 rebounds-Ellis, along with 5 assists 5 steals, Larry-Sanders jordan sixty club uk 6 points 12 rebounds 7 caps. Bulls side, Carlos-buziol Claudio 22 points 11 rebounds, Nate-Robinson, 19 points 6 assists 5 steals. Bulls start imposing very hard, after Hamilton CIC scores, 13-4 start. Bull did not relax, buziol Claudio 2+1 is complete, they expanded to 18-5 difference. Fortunately, yiyasuowa who had 7 points, help buck the bleeding. End of first section, Buck 23-33 behind.

Due to score continued behind, Bryant is storm, second half, fly Grand began opened personal mode, in third section for to 7.5 points Shi, fly Grand Ball Hou quickly into frontcourt, in face Duncan of seal blocking Shi, Bryant does not hesitated, a variable to, in Northeast China 's, posted with Duncan of body completed bothering dribblers and, and in hit this a ball Hou, Bryant also believes that opponent foul has, he waved with arm loudly at referee complained, immediately eat to technology foul. And fined this time is completely enraged the heimanba, after the attack, Bryant directly outside the three-point line to the ball, get after the ball, Pan decisive shot to send surplus far three minutes, the ball just flew into the basket, according to statistics from the American media show, Bryant's three-point shot 32 feet (about 9.8 meters) has been fighting e angry pan from getting out, then flanking attack, Bryant do the direct hand in the third, when he is mad, seasoned Popovic immediately requested the suspension.
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