Crawford breakthrough bothering dribblers hand

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 16:16
Crawford breakthrough bothering dribblers hand, shortly after the beginning of the fourth section of the wizards one. Mason responded three minutes, Crawford even took 6 min kafugou hit, finished 4 minutes and 25 seconds before wizards leading 71-65. Davis punches even 5 minutes at a crucial time, bothering dribblers and Chase, Crawford back jump shot hit, the final 47.1 seconds before cheap nike air max 90 wizards leading 75-70. Wasps team following a suspension of Anderson in a three-part, Bill grab rebounds, John a Vasquez and internal disputes in, resulting in two people each received a technical foul. Crawford was foul with two penalties, when finished 29.7 seconds before wizards leading 76-70. Three of the Lakers ' last-minute gamble in hand does not, they defeat 70-77.

The irony is, in the past several games, opponents have been cut tactical Fok will be able to get the Lakers no longer have to use. Play Thunder battle, echeng advantage is obvious, no need to cut the Johns Hopkins; and jazz battle, Howard House get 2 free throw opportunity, similarly cut Fok; then this game was the Lakers ' third opponent KO using conventional means. If being cut down nike shox canada Fok, the Lakers also have reason to complain, he also can appeal to cut down to tactics from boredom, then beaten by face to face, none of the Lakers to even the slightest reason to complain, even adults, Chief Executive, also cannot save zijin Legion. Lakers fans are somewhat saddened, Dandong is one BDSM attack is strong can allow full participation of each and every player is the boss, but the Lakers, it is diametrically opposed to the other.

However, from the beginning of the third section, the Lakers transformed, has become a defensive team, compared to the enthusiasm of their defense, the defensive intensity first half, there has been a noticeable improvement. This section of the game, Knight in front of Lakers high oppressive defense, a total of 22 shots in only 5, hit a paltry 23%. Single game, Knight only had 14 points, single net by Lakers win 9 points, narrowing the difference. Opening the first wave defended, Jordan-Hilgay walaiqiao's shooting, Lakers ' success against the Knights attack a 24 second offence. The next round, Duhon finished tackling, the Lakers two consecutive wave defended Knight reactive, and return. On the defensive side, the Lakers ' focus more on choke and Eritrea, they forced the Ecuador continuous outside shot, making his bad pass. In terms of defending Trey, transposition, and Lakers round anti-speed is much faster.
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