In terms of passing and defense

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 16:04
In terms of passing and defense, General Romeo LeBlanc ahead of Durrant. Pass the ball between the gaps have been narrowed. Durrant's defense is also in progress. He steals, and caps are all career highs (1.3 and 1.5, respectively), and any rate decreases. When Durrant present when Thunder nike blazer high uk 100 times per second the ball losing on average 99.3, when he was not present when the value of 104.4. General Romeo LeBlanc today before the Christmas wars, has six games in a row was not blowing fouls. Heat finally began to regain the championship-level defense. On December 7 after the loss to Nick, to date, heat this defensive efficiency for the Union during the third, after the clippers and Pacers.

When the game finally 44.1 seconds, Thunder is not without a chance, they just to heat a 95-96 behind. However, at this critical juncture, thunder but there is a fatal defensive mistakes. With Perkins, ibaka two top defense on the field who can Thunder basket should appear completely clear the status, completely emptying the Pos, outside Assistant General sees this opportunity not to be nike blazer low sale missed, he threw the ball passed to the hands of Pos, Pos easily completed a dunk with both hands. In the two armies ' fighting to white-hot stage, losing extreme combat morale, even the sober Durrant was anxious, he smiled his teammates shouted: "dude, what are you doing here? "Judging from the situation, Durrant accused his team-mates should be Eibar cards. Thunder and quickly called a moratorium, lay out the next attack and defense, may feel Eibar card been called wrong, Defense Pos should be the responsibility of Perkins, he was arguing with Perkins again, and the two discussed a division of responsibilities and will.

Not only Xin Liqi harden not my heart, Tag Heuer also relies on false actions in a row played out at break time Xin Liqi. He was in and easily lost Xin Liqi Arsic pick and roll break through to the inside, but in front of empty cases, book Howard Johnson not bothering dribblers, but for a moment, waiting for Xin Liqi, then by Xin Liqi bothering dribblers and succeeding. Then he easily exceeded Xin Liqi succeeding, and then throw, one no look pass, Arsic bothering dribblers and succeeding. First rocket fast attack 12-2-leading bulls, leading 27-22 single section. Marcia gay harden 10 min Hao 4 points, 4 assists. Section II, rest, Lin Shuhao led, while the Bulls with Nate-main control Robinson guardian. Results Nate continuous failure in conjunction with teammates, Lin Shuhao catch mistakes made fast attack opportunities. With a continuous fast attack, rockets difference widened all the way to the second section by up to 23 points.
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