Lakers ' home game against sakelamentuoguowang

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 18:23
Lakers ' home game against sakelamentuoguowang, they 103-90 beat his opponent, Dwight-Howard-14 shooting this service got 23 points in 18 rebounds assists 3 times 3 times cover. In the pre-season game against the King, Warcraft and Brian cousins compete fully in hands of losing, especially in the ' Iceman ' war, he only got 9 points 7 rebounds, regular season is entirely different from nike free run 3 australia the stage, this service Howard was playing a positive exception, in the face of King's inner beast group, Warcraft has also made one of its strongest fire. In first section for to 7 points 24 seconds Shi, Lakers completed has a freehand of both within and outside the tie, Blake in high dribble observation, and at this time Howard has in bottom line do started prepared, to Lakers controlled Wei will ball to basket Xia a throwing, Warcraft directly in Northeast China 's, hands gave will ball hit into basket, this sharp of empty received also let basket Xia defense of King players see was stunned.

As competition of in-depth, Howard of attack State also increasingly good, in this section middle of a attack in the, twin towers Zhijian again made has a tacit of tie, Gasol in responses Shi will ball to basket Xia nike acg boots for men of Warcraft hands, which footsteps a wiped, easily completed bothering dribblers and, times section competition in, Howard in basket Xia more highlights giant no fighter of power, whenever he ball, King will take more people crossfire, but even is such, also is cannot full limit Warcraft, in a attack in the, Howard to within hard eat, Cause foul as Johnson, James-2+1, only half the game, Warcraft already got 14 points 10 rebounds of two pairs of data.

Second half a up, Howard will completed has a domineering of attack, he like bulldozer General, directly carry with Hayes (micro-Bo) squeeze to basket Xia, immediately using a turned, will ball placed into basket, haiye in rocket period will is depending on for Defense master, this bondage he also take up has freeze Warcraft of task, in zhihou of most time in, Howard are is sea Chuck Hayes anti-of is uncomfortable, in distal for to 10 minutes Shi, Howard also finally is angered has, dang Hayes also in continued of uses mannerisms for harassment Shi, Wow instant punch, using the whole body of the ball into the basket.

If there are no accidents happen, Jackson officially took over the Lakers ' pointer in recent days. "Zen master" comeback coach means triangle offense declared regression, in the Princeton system after the attempt failed, is a romantic triangle offense for the Lakers these days? Can bring their success? Triangle offense is very mysterious, because this tactic had no fixed way of positioning, solely on the basis of the opponent's defensive layout adaptable, which is read and react. Of course, the triangle offense is not arbitrary, station, passing and plunge the cover space, time and low singles is a key factor, which attack is a high priority under the basket.
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