This bondage face Western header name ash bear

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 12:13
This bondage face Western header name ash bear, Lakers also faced with great of pressure, opening Hou, Bryant will expand has own of attack, in a retaining split in the, Gasol runs front for Bryant do cover, fly Grand a Dodge, around opened has close of Defense people, immediately dry pulling hit, however, in zhihou of time in, ash bear on Bryant implementation has high strength of package air jordan 14 australia clip defense, in this section thereafter of time in, Bryant and no scored occupancies, dang fly Grand into stealth Shi, Lakers also on hands passive. Times section began Hou, Bryant a modified declining, this section for to middle Shi, fly Grand later plunges ext to to completed hands troll, but is is ash bear ahead of damage, zhihou, Bryant continuous impact restricted area, to opponent of defense manufacturing has is large of trouble, in halftime competition also left 2 minutes Shi, fly Grand in outside pumping was opportunities, bursting effects sniper's shot hit three points, and more wonderful of clearly also in behind.

When the Lakers ' attack is not on time, Howard's cover has also become a team only gains gas lens, in a subsequent attack, Rudy-guy wanted to show their attacking style, but Warcraft how can tolerate opponents in their first run on, his channeling straight out of a hat, to fan the ball directly out jordan retro 1 australia of the edge. Continuous offering stunning hot pot for Warcraft is full of passion and motivation, in the attack that followed, to which Howard Bryant (microblogging) assists Stern broke into the restricted area using hook get two points for their first record. Entered times section, Lakers began continued chased score, Warcraft while cannot made continuous attack, but also to even dew Mira, in this section for to 7 minutes Shi, Warcraft of bothering dribblers and suffered barrier failed to hit, but he since voted since Rob, caught Xia frontcourt rebounds, in ash bear three people of siege Xia completed hands storm buckle, continued downturn let Howard is some upset, and this attack in the, he is is completed has vent.

Section II of the competition, can call it is an enrichment of the wonderful play this game. Pace used his demonic, bearded presence can be almost free access, meeting no resistance. At first glance his breakthrough is not fast, but there's always waiting for the right time to find cuts. Especially the halftime break scene, harden road cut into the a stride after, Nick's defense easily breaking, low hand bothering dribblers and immediately successful. Throughout the first half, Hadden personal 15 penalties, hits high and terrible. This has made him a very promising break Kevin Martin 18-penalty record of 18 teams in history. Somewhat unfortunately harden did not get a lot of free throws in the second half opportunity, simply rely on Anthony's technical foul free throw himself 16 times up to 16 penalty.
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