28 October 

2007年10月28日(日) 23時29分
today i was free.

so, i slept at noon

so i slept 12hours!!!!!WOW!

but it made me more sleepy!

then i made a lunch.

sadwich (egg, bacon)

it was good.

today it was really good day

so, i hanged my bedclothes out!

and did washing my clothes .

after that i slept again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was really surprised because i slept 12 hours!!!!

then,i went to thegrocery store tobuy something to eat.

and i decided that today i'm gonna make a ma-bo-tohu

i love tohu

it's healthy and good!

it was really good!

and i 'm goin to try to make by myself as possible!

i wanna be good at cooking

jan 21 

2007年02月12日(月) 23時35分
today was study day!

when i got up, i went to MIster dornut!

and studyed !

when i studied, some foreigner came there!
they spoke English
i tryied to hear their conversation, but i couldn't

they spoke veryfast

i become anxious cause i can understand English in The UNited States??

Jan 20 

2007年02月12日(月) 23時29分
after i got up, we went to eat lunch
i think it is JApanese food! but i don't know!

it is sliced beef boiled with vegetables
is there SHABUSHABU another country??

after eating, i got back my home, and i went to SAKAE with my friend!

because we wanna go to KARAOKE!

we sung 5 hours!!!!!!!!

it was very good time!!!!!!!!!!!

i enjoyed !!!

recently i play a lot!!!!
i have to study more!!!!!!!!!!


2007年02月12日(月) 23時26分
today, i had a part time job

and after it, i went to my friend's house .

we drunk a lot!!!!!!!
and i slept her house!

when i got up it was already morning!

Jan 17 

2007年02月12日(月) 23時17分
today i had a test!
so, i got up early, and studied chinese
but i couldn't study enough!

i did my best
i don't know conclusion is good or not!ww

but maybe ........

ahter school, yokemate had New Year's Party!
andwelcome party.
a boy came to our workplace!

it had a good time

tomorrow.... i have to turn in report!
but i don't do yet!

maybe i will be up all night


jan 13 

2007年02月12日(月) 23時12分
today, actually i had a plan, but my eyes swelled up

so, i had to cancel my plan!

i stayed at home all day

my eyes sometimes swell up!

i have to go to hospital

maybe today is nonconsultation day

jan 12 

2007年02月12日(月) 22時58分
today we had an orientation
we invited Ms.Kumazawa and we could hear her talk.

i was happy to hear her talk!

after orientation, i went to have a dinner with my friends!
one of my friend Keishi, he studies English, too.
and he is studying at in the UNited States!
and he is going to get back at Jan 14.
so, we had a little party!!

he said to me, UNited states is very good!
when you get back Japan, you don't wanna get back!

when i hear his story , iwanna go there !!!!!!!

i'm looking forward to getting there!


2007年02月12日(月) 22時54分
tomorrow will start school again!
so, i got back Nagoya with my friend!

this winter holiday was too short!!!!

i hope it will le longer next year!!!!!!!

when we arrive at Nagoya , we ate dinner!

we talked about boy friend and friend school and so on
it was fun!!!!!!!!

JAn 7 

2007年02月12日(月) 22時25分
today was Coming-of-Age Day celebration

we wore "HURISODE".
it is a kind of KIMONO .
i choose pink one
i met many old friend

they change a lot!
i can't understand who they are!wwww

i was surprised

after celemony we had alumni association!
it was really fun

JAn 6 

2007年02月12日(月) 22時00分
today when i woke up, it was already 2 pm!!!!!!


i planned to have a dinner with my family and my friend's family
i have a best friend!
and i and she has good relationship when we were elementary school.

and my family and her family is very close!

we ate dinner together

after eating dinner , we went to bowling

we had agood time
we did ball game(勝負)
and i took high score of my own!
it was 145
i can not believe


thaqt was very good time
i enjoyed a lot!!!
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