2006年04月08日(土) 1時30分
thank you for coming
but i don't write here anymoreso...please come to my new one"


2006年03月08日(水) 5時39分
ayu desukyou ha nihongo de datte saikin ojyamakun ga hairi konnde tottemo iya daken mou hitotsu kossori tsukurimasu aruteido no hito niha mail de mawasu tsumori dakedo ayu ga address shiranai hoto toka ga mini koite kureteta nara dare ka no link kara tonndari shite mata kitekudasai
otesuu kakete gomenn nasai


2006年03月01日(水) 6時07分
today is marist girl,KASUMIN's birthday
happy birthday,kasumin
let's enjoy your 17th year

i'm gonna tell you 

2006年02月28日(火) 17時50分
i'm so sorry that i hadn't been change my blog
if you were worring about me,i'm sorry
i was very busy while i couldn't go on the computer
so i'm gonna tell you about an important thing
i changed my host family.....
but you don't have to worry
i'm fine and i know what i should do for new host family
i did said same comment before...but i'm sure now
i'm gonna enjoy "my" canadian life last 4 months

TO: my friends who were worring about me
i'm so sorry.and thank you for your kindness or some comments
you really cheered me up and made me happy
i'm sorry and thank you again

i'm soooo sorry 

2006年02月25日(土) 14時29分
Hi,guys i'm sooo sorry,if you worry about me"
but i'm fine now i just felt sadso you know you don't have to worry about me
i'm gonna show you my final score
math is 73,global hostry is 70,music is 84,art is 97
i think it's good for me


2006年02月22日(水) 14時21分
this day is labo OG,tomoko and marist friend,haru-pyon's b.d
happy birthday,guysmany happy returns


2006年02月09日(木) 14時06分
this day is duck and mizuki's birthday
happy birthday to you guys


2006年02月08日(水) 13時54分
this day is my beat friend yurika's B.D
happy birthday,yurika-rin

i'm busy now!! 

2006年02月05日(日) 17時46分
sorry,i didn't write here long time=:( i'm still staying at yukari's house.and i did a test of psychology. で、今ゆかりにパソコン借りて日本語打てるケン 日本語にします。 あゆの結果から相性占い出来るケンしてみてぇ(´∀`*)!! ここぉ★ でさっ、結果教えてよ(●^∀^●)!! 良くても悪くてもネッ(^□^)♪”笑 あゆ怒らんケン(´∀`)ノ”  で、MSN (チャットみたいの)で留学生の友達と留学生OBとお話しできてとっても幸せでしたン(´∀`*)♪ で、明日はコーディネーターの人とお話しするんだ(*^∀^*)!!


2006年02月02日(木) 11時49分
Hey guess what
i didn't have school today
you know why
of course too much snow

stella and me went to school this morning
but when we had just arrived,school didn't have power
so we got togather at caffe teria,and teacher said
'today's tests are cancelso you will take it tomorrow'
and then we went back to home...

i hope i can take test tomorrow
i'm a KUMAMOTO girl=:) and 17years old!! but i'm in CANADA now!! so i'll write my canadian life here.
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