March 27 [Thu], 2008, 22:07
when i will die, i wish i dont have pain.
when i will die, i wish my lover is beside.

why all people will die?
who choose?


it is not fair.
peple should be having same time.

why some people die very early?
why some people can live long??

I cant understand....

no plan... 

February 22 [Fri], 2008, 23:06
i feel bore recently...

i dont have something to do very day...
very free...

my plan is only meet friends.
it is very fun, but this is not everyday.

so other day is no plan...

i become friend with my computer and tv...

i wana go back to Aus...
i wana spend time with u...


December 13 [Thu], 2007, 19:37

Photosynthesis is happened by plants which have chlorophyl.
Plants absorb carbon dioxide,and sunlight through stomata.
Roots get water and mierals uneder the soil.
After that, they make oxygen and carboyhdrates.

A new city 

November 28 [Wed], 2007, 13:26
A new city

Last March Elk Grove voters passed a proposal to create their own city.
Now that day has come and today marks the independence of Elk Grove.

Many residents say they want their new city to make things like parks a priority.
They will now have more power to do that.
Today is kind of like a birthday and an independence day all at the same time.
Elk Grove is California’s 476th city.
Jim Cooper was officially sworn in as the city’s first mayor along with four new
council members.

The council held a half-celebration half-meeting today at the Trig Education Center.
The city is made up of a 51-mile square area,
which includes the growing communities of Elk Grove, Laguna and Sheldon.
No sweeping changes will be seen right away, but many residents say the biggest change they want to see is in the form of better services like police protection
and public works.

Michael Jones, Elk Grove resident thinks,
“We want to move into a new direction that eliminates relying on the county for most services and move forward to becoming a great city.”

Mayor Jim Cooper comments,
“Great things are ahead and who knows where it will end. Right now we are riding and we are going to hang on for our lives, but we are going to have fun.”

This is definitely a city on the rise.
In the past ten years the Elk Grove population has doubled,
and population forecasts estimate that, in about the next 20 years,
the population will grow from about 56,000 to 156,000.
So a lot of changes are to come, and a lot of new decisions will be made.

Q; A new city officical is always sworn in.
What does that mean and why is it done??

In my opinion, population is increase so they decided to make other city.
Therefore I think residents are easier to live because of this.


mayor : 市長

council :会議、評議

sworn( swear) :誓う、断言する

priority :優先

sweeping :全面的な、完全な

eliminate :除く、消去する

rely : 頼る

estimate :見積もる

proposal :申し込み、計画

forecast :予想する

definitely : 明確に、絶対に

on the rise :上昇中で

Ice Cream Vendors Cannot Sell Toys 

November 19 [Mon], 2007, 19:58
Ice Cream Vendors Cannot Sell Toys

People who sell ice cream from trucks will not be allowed to sell anything else in one city. They will also not be able to sell ice cream after dark.

A new law was passed because people were angry that some of the ice cream trucks were selling toy guns that looked real. Some children bought the toy guns and took them to school. One child got in trouble and could not go back to school for a few days.

The mother of one child was very angry about the toy guns. She wanted a new law to stop the sale of toy guns from ice cream trucks. She thinks the new law will stop the owners from selling these kinds of things.

The new law also makes the owners of the ice cream trucks fix bad paint on the trucks. Also, if the truck plays music, the owner will have to pay a fee.

Owners will have to obey the new law in one month.

Original Title:
Stockton Ice Cream Vendors Restricted to Frozen Treat Sales

Ice cream vendors in Stockton will soon be restricted to selling only food or beverages.

On Tuesday night the city council voted 7-0 to limit ice cream trucks to the sale of frozen treats. They are also no longer to sell after dark. The move came after some vendors were found selling items such as plastic toy guns, some of which looked real. Some children bought the toys and took them to school. One student was suspended.

A Stockton mother became angry about the toy gun sales and pushed for the ordinance. "Parents didn't know what they were buying on their way to school," said Beverly Foster. "I wanted to stop it. I think this will stop it."

The ordinance also requires trucks to be free of peeling paint and obvious scratches. Truck owners will also have to pay a fee to play music from the trucks.

The ordinance takes effect in 30 days.

vendor -person who sell something

truck - car which was moving by hands

fix - fasten, set

obey - to do as you are followed

restrict - limit

beverage - something to drink, not water

council - conference

suspend - person who was stopped going to school

ordinance -regulation, rule

peel -

obvious - exactly

scratch -

fee - money


I think ice cream vendors shouldn’t sell guns which look like real.
Children can’t understand difference from toy guns and real guns.
If they misunderstand about guns, it will be big problem.
It is too late when some accident happened.
So ice cream vendors should obey the ordinance.

Zone in on igtrael card saving 

November 14 [Wed], 2007, 17:01
Zone in on igtrael card saving


horrid- 恐ろしい

punter- 消費者、賭けをする人


estimate- 見積もり、評価

practical- 現実的な、実用的な

mortgage- 抵当に入れること


The cost of running car is more expensive than ever.

Running a medium-sized car costs, on average, arond $1000.

Compare that to the cost of a Yearly Zone 1+2 Metcard and you have a saving
of more than 80%!!

So, people had better use train.

I think it is important to save money, but I like driving.

Driving is more restful and comfortable.

I like the view from car.

So, I can't stop to use a car!!


November 08 [Thu], 2007, 19:26

curious- someone who is interested in everyting

current- now

exhibition- display something

exploration- venture

launch- beging


salutation- greeting

sincerely- really thinkin?

bother- worry

contemporary- same time

ignorant- nothing knowledge

outlandish- look like foreign country


reservation- not decide something to buy



accomodation- where you stay

disgusting- make feelig bad

captive- attractive

imitation- someone do same thing


recount- talk more detail

metaphor- for example

mythical- not real


aspect- outside

meditation- think deeply



tragic- very sad

New friend 

October 19 [Fri], 2007, 21:41
I met new friend, today.
I knew him before met.
Only telephon and mail.

So today was the first day which I met him.
I was very nervous, because I didn't know about him.

If he looks gang, I maybe run away...

However he is very funny.
I enjoyed time.

I will go to a beach tomorrow with him and my friends.

I'm looking forward to go shopping and to eat lunch!!!

I'm going to eat Australian food which is big humbergar!!
And I will go to cheap shop!!

Firewok Fstival in Japan 

October 18 [Thu], 2007, 17:52
Today, I would like to talk about Firework festival.

Firework called " Hanabi " in Japanese.
Hanabi is shoot in the night sky.

Firework festival hold in summer in Japan.
Women usually wear Yukata which look like Japase Kimono.

It begin at night.
It has 100 shot in common. (Maybe... I don't know...)

Many shops range around the place.
These called " Yatai " in Japanese.

One shop sell food.
For example, apple candy, candy floss, yakisoba, ikayaki,
chocolate banana, and so on...

The other shop let us to play games.
For instance, kingosukui (to get goldfish), syateki (to shoot something)...

First, people who come the festival,
buy something foods and enjoy playing games.

And later, they sit down where they can see fireworks.

Sometimes, they shout "tamaya-" during fireworks are shot.
This is tradtion.
I don't know why they shout.

Anyway, firewoks are very beautiful!!!
And, It's very fantasic!!!!

Hard day 

October 16 [Tue], 2007, 20:26
Today, I was very busy...

I got up at 6:00.
I ate bread, cornflake, and bananaes.

My class began at 8:30 until 12:45.
Very long for me!!

My lmost classmate are Asian.
Many Chinese people are very pushy.
I can't put up with them!!

So, I try to lose them.
I will be pushy!!


I washed my clothes.
But it could not be cleaned...

I think my hosfamily's washing machine is broken.
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  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:ayk-06
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
    ・ネイル-I like to paint my nail.
    ・読書-I like Harry potter!!
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