2005年05月09日(月) 20時21分
I don't really get it. The whole thing with Marlis' boyfriend is just so unbelieveable. Why didn't she tell me anything. Today I wrote her an SMS during university asking why, but I didn't get an answer yet. I'm sure it's all a lie what she told Katrin, but somehow I also think that Katrin is just talking shit. I'm feeling really inconvenient about it, because what if both Marlis AND Katrin are making fun of me...
Also thing with this guy from HAK having a crush on me without even knowing me seems just too unrealistic. I somehow think they just want to ridicule me... >_<" {BOO}
Gnah,... >_< But my didn't forget to ask Viki's mom for the yearbook of the HAK so I can look for both guys ("mine" and Marlis' bf).

Anyway, Uni was very boring, the weather is shit, it's so damn cold. I should go shopping, because I don't have anything to eat at home, but it's so cold, I don't want to leave my flat, not even for only five minuites... >_<" I wanna have weekend again, this week is SO senseless. I'm gonna die immediatelly.

Bai bai

PS: I SO love all those cute smilies

Last night 

2005年05月08日(日) 18時44分
Well, due to the fact that I can't use "Umlaute" here, I have to write this blog in English. Not that I would mind, nobody is reading this shit anyway.
Yesterday night was kind of fun, even though I want to see the guy who should have a crush on me. Well, I don't really believe Katrin, I just think she's making fun of me...
Anyway, I so hate the people of my former class, I won't go to this stupid party on 5/16. Stuid dorks. I don't mind if they talk shit about me, I never really liked the anyway.
I hate all those posers, all those pseudo-cool/intelligent whatever people. Die DIE!!!
Stupid Chris is online in MSN all the time. Gnah, she's bothering me so much, even though I want to forget her. I really need a boyfriend, because then I wouldn't think of her anymore. She's coming back to little Austria in about 3 weeks. Pah, she's gonna have a hard time, because in Austria she won't have such a nice time where she can fuck everybody in her way anymore. I know I'm mean, because she was my best friend. But yeah, she WAS my best friend. She changed so much, I just don't like pseudo-gothic people who just try to be different and so on...
Well, I really should stop thinking of her all the time... she's not worth it. I just hope she won't mess around with my stories, because she has all of them... after what I've said about her stories, I wouldn't be surprised...

Anyway, the phone's ringing... bai bai

Grüß Gott! XD 

2005年05月08日(日) 18時33分
Kekeke, dies ist ein Test... Noch ein weiteres Journal ist immer lustig... XD"
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