My boom 

September 12 [Mon], 2005, 21:28
Last weekend, I spent a holiday by my boyfriend's houseBut my boyfriend had been woking that is to say he didn't have a holidaySo after he went to work, I went to wave stone therapyRecently, it is my favorite feel relaxed styleIt is really good

What is wave stone therapyIt is like a sweating bath or sauna bathIt is good for our health and really feel comfortableIn my case, usually I have a stiff back and have a migraine so I needed to relaxOne day, I discovered it by chanceI went to there on trial then, it was really nice space so If I have a lot of time I wanna go to there almost everyday

My work is really hard but it became to holiday, I can go to wave stone therapy so I can do my best this weekday and every weekday

My work 

September 10 [Sat], 2005, 16:00
I am working every day on the weekdayI have been working for the fourth or five a weekMy work a office work or...telephone appointersorry, I can't explain about my occupational categoryCause,,,I don't know what kind of my work tooBut,I am doing various workIt sounds very hardyeah, it is very hard but it is very funSometimes, I think I don't want to door I don't want to goButWhen I arrive at office, I became to fine and I can do to enjoy work

In factOur work done at 10pmBut now, work is very busy therefore we have to various work finish earlySo Mostly, we working at 11:30pm or moreIn my case, I have to take the final train so I leave from office at 11:30pmAfter when I arrive at my house, I'm really tired and I wanna sleep earlyheheheh...

Long time no see 

September 02 [Fri], 2005, 9:52
I'm sorry I didn't write diary for a long time

Last Tuesday, As an exchange student,my friend Hanae left for the United StatesSo I and my friend Maya and Ken went to the airport to see her offAfter we arrive at aioport, first of all search airport all over to her and we find her then her face was clouded with anxietyOf course, when she pass through the gateAfter we said good bye with her, we enjoyed to do shopping and dinner

Now I don't realize that she left for the United States but maybe after classes have start, we will feel sadBecause she is not in there but I'm looking forward to see her next year

Team Chico 

August 11 [Thu], 2005, 13:28
I went out of dinner with Ringo and Mido yesterdayThen we let us knew how we had been getting along each otherIn Mido's case, He study of one's own motives hardI thought I have to do study hard like MidoIn Ringo's case, she had many bad things....I know some situation about thatIt is really strangeI hope she can be happy soon...

After we finished eat dinner, we took a small picture(It's called PURIKURA)and we went to KARAOKEWe sang a lot of songsIt was really fun

We spent a really good time

Are you ready!? 

August 08 [Mon], 2005, 0:07
I washed a car this afternoon with my boyfriendToday was fine and the sun beat down fiercely on us

We were not be overcome by the heat and kept wash a carWe tried to work hard to do clean his carTherefore, his car became to cleanand the sweat stood on our faceBut, we felt refreshed{ to did itピース}

After we went back to his house,We went to spa(public bath) with his familyWe had a pleasant time at thereSo I'll can good sleep tonightBecause...I'm already very sleepy


August 06 [Sat], 2005, 13:28
I watched TV yesterdaywhich story of war movie The title is Hotarunohaka in JapaneseI have ever seen this movie for many times and always I moved me to tearsand became very painful with it...

Misery and sorrow accompany warBut...I don't know the misery of the warBecause,,,We live in the peaceful world. Especially, I think Japan is a peaceful country in the world...therefore, I think Japanese people should be proud of the living in the peaceful countryI have the precious family.I have a lot of precious friends also in foreign countriesI think that it is a really wonderful thing

After having finished seeing the movie,I felt it so afresh


August 04 [Thu], 2005, 13:28
I went to the fireworks last sundayIt was a fantastic view and very beautifulA lot of fireworks were launched thereand there was a great people at the place

From August 1 to 3, I went to school to took the classIt was immersion program class and we can the unit will be gotten in three daysSo we studied from morning till eveningBefore then, I felt it is very hardButThe class was very freshBecause,I did not have the studied all day long up to now except the compulsory educationand the class was also very interesting

I'm going to do shopping from now


July 30 [Sat], 2005, 21:09
From yesterday, I feel like I have a feverBecause,I feel sluggish and have a headacheI got good sleep yesterday so I'll be fine soonMaybe I was tired by some test and reseach paper during exam weeks

I had a headache today tooButI went to school to studyIt was really good time for meAnd I could know some new English grammarand new wordsI wanna study moreTo study is very pleasant for me

The beach 

July 30 [Sat], 2005, 0:02
I went to the beach yesterday with my friendsI was worry that it will be rain or not...If it was rains yesterday, we had to canceled to go to the beachThe beach was really niceIt was a quiet sea and Many people enjoied in thereWe enjoied swim in the sea

My friend Hanae will go to study abroad on next month as exchange studentAnd when she come back to Japan, I'll already graduate from school so I can't see with her soonSo I wanna make presious memories with herSo this plan was really good for meBecause, Hanae went to the beach with usIf I can go, I'll see her send off at the airport

I went to a university library today to study EnglishBecause, I don't know why I can't study at my houseI'm serious I need to study English moreIf I go to a library, I can study keep oneself coolI wanna to be speak English than ever

Boring summer 

July 28 [Thu], 2005, 1:47
HelloWhat's upI was very boring until today...ButI'll go to the beach tomorrowSo nowI'm really excitingIt will be fine and fun tomorrowI think I have to drive a car all day therefore, I had to sleep earlyButI took a nap in this afternoonSo my eyes woke out of sleep nowDoes anyone know how to get sleep

By the way, I got new jobSo I'll work hard from now and I'll get much moneyI wanna go back to America soonCan you wait when go to Chico Becky??
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