the crowd big step into it

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 12:22
> (Seeking recommendations, seeking collection, seeking clicking, seeking a reward. WWW. QuANBen. CoM Thank you Thank you!) Outdoors is already a pale black, can not see or how far away. I kept seeing my spiritual son born missing silhouette, hearts burst of fear, thinking: "This child will love to stir up trouble. This pain can not tolerate." She cried Hanliaoliangsheng I I was born, did not see him answer, Ling Meng child by his own life experiences, look to the front and found that the front of a trail leading to the hills, I was born that I most likely to go in the direction that is out there, immediately ran forward. I Kuangpao way I was born,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, it really is, toward the trail leading to the hills above to go to. I was born a man I stood helpless barren rock above, but also hear Mongolian spiritual son is calling himself, but he did not answer, quietly hid in a field of low-groves, completely submerged in the patch of lush bushes . Meng Ling saw a small child along the road over to his side. However, I was born a long time I stood there, I do not know the hearts of the worth of the taste, the heart suddenly had an idea: "I was not really wronged his mother? Does she really have such hate me? Did I really respect Go take a look at the Shunqing. "one thought Shunqing, the way he thought of the boat, I hear people talking about the Jialing river paddling swimming with beauty, suddenly thought longing, sadness but eventually occupy the soul of the entire space, tears, squatting on the ground at full blast to flow down. chūn quarter of the night, four restored silence, I knew I was born to find their own Mongolian spiritual son had gone back, his belly belly empty, empty stomach grunt to barking up, I hid my students by quietly walking from the grass out, but that the sky is too dark, pitch dark, and own the mountain here is not very familiar with, in order to quickly find a way out, which is quite laborious. Anyhow, I give up I'm not the kind of student who, immediately lounged hard to finish that part of the mountain, spend the night in the far distance a pedestrian that his farmhouse now has lights to rest, looked silent. I immediately I was born farmhouse that step tiptoe around, I thought: "I'm sad no problem, do not be embarrassed Mongolia spiritual son them, they can not see me, some fear back in the head in front of the Emeishan bad accountable." he thought as he walked, but may work for a while, then returned to the bedroom door, I returned to the room I was born without first having to go to bed, but tiptoe looking kitchen where I just want to Eat first. Moment saw the left side of a room, the door filled with Chaifei. Farmers are generally things like the stacking firewood in the kitchen door, I was born this sense I still know, immediately stepped forward to tiptoe gently push the door, that door is not actually locked, a push to open. I walked into the room I was born, to see there really is the kitchen, opened the lid went on, I saw to be secure in the pot stove stood a bowl of rice, plus a vegetable, I went on I was born The food was served, I feel really delicious world, immediately grabbed chopsticks meal should face into his mouth, which know this time, behind suddenly lit up bright. I was surprised I was born, did not immediately turned around, mind already guessed that Mongolia spiritual son Shitai, immediately said dismissively: "Yes Shitai do?" Behind it sounded hoarse voice of an old man, the old man said: " son, I am sorry, evening, I was, I should not say those words to you. "I was born and I looked back, behold, it was the old man, he turned out to be a time speechless, looked blankly, slightly bitter smile, said: "There is nothing that you do not mind. Actually, actually I do not right, I should not speak as loudly for you." the old man came over, I was born and I immediately stepped forward to hold up his hands, shudder voice said: "Grandpa, you do not like, I was not in front, you have nothing wrong." I was born and I pulled the old man's hand, looked good to me I saw some students, sigh, said : "My child runaways year, and the son of the general age, evening, to see the son, reminds me of my children, so time is not a good control of their feelings, words actually say , this is not me, but please do not mind son go. "I was born and I shook his head:" No, not to be so polite. grandfather, you do not sleep right? "This time it will be in the hands of the old man's lamp down, said: "The old man did not sleep at night, asleep, to wake up to this time are like, and did not expect just to see son back. Shitai or who is right, you ready Yefan, you will quickly eat the bar. cold on the bad Oh, right, son, you after the meal, not accustomed to my child's room can be a side to another room to rest. perhaps habit. "evening when I was born I did not find any side room, but heard him say so, the moment could not refuse, only said: "Everything you heard Grandpa arrangements." lamp on the old man will be there, and then turned to leave, I doubt I was born heart, originally Mongolia wants to ask about their spiritual son Shitai things, to see the old man looked sleepy breeding, there is no nerve to disturb it. Immediately turned down for dinner. Times rì daybreak, I was born I was awakened by the sound outside the house, only to hear Mongolian spiritual son sighed: "The elderly, last night to give you trouble and you will accept this point of our things right." I heart I was born curious, came in last night after a meal hand to open main room lamp within a look, and sure enough in the room next to the old man's son, as well as a small room, I told my students in accordance with the old man, go after lying on the ground paved surface of a bed to sleep on to this day, when I heard I was born stumbled Mongolia spiritual son Shitai said: "I know this child will definitely be back, but he came back, we do not come out to meet him, so it will wake you up for. "the old man said:" I know that this child mind must have something hidden between heart. can help him is my favorite thing to do. do not see this, the sooner you take it back these silver We two lonely old people, and that these money doing what students do not bring already naked, useless to us. "Meng Ling child feels guilty when he said:" But, but, I always feel like trouble your ladyship , it is the hearts sorry. "the old man said:" Shitai are compassionate person, your mind is no thanks. "I suddenly flashed into my mind I was born out of a trace of gray light:" Is it last night Shitai They saw me coming back, but inconvenient advised me out, so called grandfather called me out, did not think it would be like the same thing. "the old man and said:" Or am I talking too much last night, but this child really Very strange, do not know in the end is how? Oh, I wish he would be able to know I did not mean. "Meng Ling son said:" This child has a mother, no father, his father died early, his mother a person difficult to he rears to such a big, but he does not understand his mother's heart, so the need for such a family like others. "She will remark sounds deliberately suppressed, is wary of room inside to sleep I heard I was born, you know Mongolia spiritual son The reason to tell the truth to the old man, an old man lost his son to be persuade the pain, I saw the old man actually I was born a boy on his words very offensive, hearts will inevitably wonder Mongolia spiritual son out of sympathy for my purposes I born leaving less than half say the reason. Secondly because the old man did this I was born and I look concerned look, Mongolia spirit child is naturally reluctant to have his good intentions Eph. But unfortunately, these words still be I heard I was born, I was born I heart burst desolate, between heart repeatedly pondered the question: "Is my mother is really concerned about me, do I really wronged her? But she really did not see me a few times, and dare not face my eyes, do all my own wrong? 'I I was born not in bed, repeatedly pondered this so that he has puzzled problem. Then, I heard I was born outside the room leisurely old man asked: "These children are like this, on the case of my children, he was a boy the same day, we would like to see his lifetime to see the big enemy in general, does not wish to read it several times to meet and hastily ran away. these kids do not know what to do when it is able to understand the hearts of their parents, who are still very small, and then wait a few years time, maybe will have their own understand. "Mongolian spiritual son sighed:" Order of the guitar you made, I hope so the. "This time, it came on the old woman said:" breakfast, well, you do not eat it now? "spiritual son Tao Meng : "I went to wake him up to." I I was born a remark, immediately pretended to sleep. Meng Ling child I was born and I will come on wake up, an old man at home in random pedestrians fill the stomach, and then farewell to the old man home, they continue to walk forward, of course, although it is an intentional deception farm couple, but forced, nor they will go forward to the Valley home, only do more to stop on the road, to cross-examine local farmers deliberately residents know Valley home thing. Meng Ling child know this Valley home from getting closer, mind inevitably some apprehension up the valley after Jane actually a rì not yet come to announce his own, kept very spiritual son Orphan hearts, want to go see a Fan. What to know asked nearly a dozen local families, we all have an opinion, can be summed up, roughly said Valley home that the couple came here, the whole village of people seem to have never seen so beautiful Beautiful bride, bride as beautiful, why keep a wizened old man, all the village people are baffled. As well as the rest of the Valley home who, in addition to the employment of the two maidservants, but would never someone else. Mongolia spiritual son thought in mind: "Gu Zhen himself said that he is the owner's cousin Valley home, do these people do not know that she Valley home with this relationship between the owner?" Heard these people talking about the valley home owner, a dry old man, but will be a two-handed martial heard, so the village can not be underestimated to him, did not come home here in the valley before the village there is nothing Gonzo, so to say Valley home ancestral roots here, but not a fact . Meng Ling son stayed in this village, the time of day, and in the evening, and a detour to another small village, and see how a farmer, declared his intentions to go on, spend the night in the night, to the times when rì Mongolian spiritual son really take it anymore, I thought according to Jane in Emei mountain valley discourse analysis, Xianger to now have not rescued, xìng life is really worrying people. I also think I was born boring journey has repeatedly Mongolia spiritual son commenters said quickly to the valley house, Mongolia spiritual son goodbye remaining three disciples look on his face, we are impatient and intolerable, but Mongolia is a leading spiritual son person, without her utterance, nor will people say, Mongolia spiritual son immediately agreed down, used early in the morning breakfast, went toward the direction away Wang Qianmian Valley home. Meng Ling child all the way to the hearts kept thinking: "Do not know to what will happen there, Xianger life in the end there is no danger." I heard I was born Mongolian spiritual son's decision, immediately before the first walk in, Remember the farmer said yesterday rì neighboring sub Valley home direction, the former enlighten first. Meng Ling sub eyebrows slightly wrinkled tight, I do not know if I'm alive OK, I'm afraid he'll spot stormed and anger, a Mindful of this,Oakley Scalpel, it inconvenient to say, obedience to follow in the dust, Mongolian spiritual son does not speak The remaining three disciples that even more inconvenient to speak, his four lines silently forward step. I I was born in the former, over a hill, a few passers-through street side fields, saw a green crops, Lenovo and nights to spend the night in the farm life, a longing heart of love: "Actually return home vegetable garden, cowardly meaning of life, but also a good thing. "slightly below the lower right hand gently brushed a leaf came on, I thought:" But mother why she just busy too, than these farmers still do not have time, she so tired , in the end why? actually see one of my time are not, alas, do not want, do not want, and a recall this incident let me upset. "I come forward to the moment I was born forward, the pace longer stay. I saw the front of an abandoned courtyard, now is decadent adobe, far and we hope for, the case of a weather-beaten old man, leaning unbearable years of thick dust, a look of frustration, looking confused earthly life. Who will be a warm home of the original Valley home destroyed become like this? Who is your breath thinking and pro concept, heart grief. I heart I was born under a burst of pain, a sudden thought: "how will this look like? Xianger people? Valley home was destroyed originally became like this, where there will be Xianger silhouette it? 'I I born under the anxious heart, or hurriedly rush over, across the courtyard toward the inside looked destruction, which is also the general decay, old carved beams, thick plot has been covered with dust, grass alone with patio shade, it seems lush year is a year, has been in the courtyard in front of the open space on the root, seems to have further invasion Zhuang intended. This is a decadent manor, suddenly in the middle of a lush green open space above this, tell the strange, I suddenly remembered I was born soul had just seen in the countryside in green sè crops, thinking: "Green Leaf touches arouses delighted, but letting people hurt decadent courtyard, between the hi an injury, so I'd know what to do, this is how I am, how many would have thought that? "I unconsciously I was born while the hearts of suspicion : "I realized that when these things will come intentions?" knew it burst Yaran, shook his head, this time, the crowd behind Mongolia spiritual son has come behind him, Mongolia spiritual son approached and asked: "This Valley is home? "I was born and I nodded and said:" According to the old man said, here is the valley in relation to home. Shitai, you see here, like this, where someone lived traces, in the end do not know themselves in the valley nǎinǎi Where the? authors is at her place of residence? "Meng Ling son said:" This is obviously after the decline since the Valley home, nobody had lived in the valley and where Jane says seniors should not be the place, perhaps associated with this place, a place, but she could not come to tell us that we did not ask her, I thought that Valley home, it seems that what is the fault of their own. "I am nuji I was born, bayan will be, will be normalized Maken Yaokua fiercely beat, sky and shouted: "How could that valley nǎinǎi is not deliberately deceive us?" Mongolian spiritual son immediately discouraged: "The little son, do not think so Since we are to rescue Xianger safety, it must keep calm, do not hurry, you know? "I look back I was born snappily stare up a Mongolian spiritual son, said:" how do we do it? " Meng Ling son said: "Since it is a valley home here, to have come, we go look at it." I was born and I nodded and said: "It is, have come, whatever the outcome, but also to go take a look." moment Five people in Mongolia spiritual son headed toward the abandoned manor from. This time I was born I foot leaves the heart is no longer the beginning of sorrows well-thought,Oakley Whisker Clearance, perhaps young age, came up with some of the hate, and gradually fills some sentimental, especially saw a people may feel mental state of some kind After the hearts of the waves will be rolled up, something that can not generally blocked. Five people went to the house to the door, the door to see the damage has been mutilated, the crowd big step into it. This deserted manor is not great on the outside but you can make these glance inside, over a patio door, greeted by an iron gate destroyed, covered with cobwebs, however, the iron above the door, striking a dilapidated leaving bloodstains, the above is a word, a big "hate" word. I was born and I was immediately curious heart, first saw the word, and Mongolia spiritual son and the rest of the three disciples are facing the outside of the manor court green floral curious flowers here so lush, green grass in leaves, No one was trampled grass, thus proving that indeed no one comes up here, but Gu Zhen clearly moving in this direction and the line is, Is she really did not come off this courtyard? Mongolia is on the Qi Lingzai spiritual son said: "junior sister apprentice, you did not find what? Ethereal sub-senior sister apprentice you are proud of junior sister apprentice, there must be clever views on it." Qi Lingzai dismissively replied: "I see Gu Zhen seniors are did not come through this courtyard. but she did not come here, went to where people do not really understand. "This time I was born I suddenly said:" You Look What is that? "He was just a finger direction that is printed on the iron gate on a big red sè of the "hate" word. <
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