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August 06 [Tue], 2013, 9:27
> Distance and Manchester United from spoon thrilling game that has been in the past one week, in this week, Preston also played a league, simply because the game against Manchester United, many players have to fight to cramp, poor state of Preston than two final at home a lost Bradford, Tiger did not play the game. wwW! qUANbeN! coM and surrendered two goals at Old Trafford assists a perfect answer, especially before the whistle Frightening lob that in mind, the Tiger is like two years ago, David Beckham, as a famous battle. Tiger has previously Although in League had no small reputation, has also been outstanding performance in the FA Cup, led the team that beat Wimbledon Premier League, but it is clear that the defeat has come down Wimble Gordon and defeating top clubs like Manchester United, two entirely different concepts! Suddenly, Tiger became the Reds, in addition to seeing the same blood as the shark media reporters come around, the countless variety of brokers have not noticed Tiger exclusive broker after the fact Shark blood than met generally more crazy look on the Tiger, they used various means to find a Tiger home address, and then began to enjoy a celebrity Tiger troubles ...... only to brokers and Tiger sign contract, to interview Tiger's ...... so many people reported the purpose of breaking the 1st Tiger that wandering around the house, if not a street that people have been unbearable harassment and the police, I am afraid Thailand grid home will be a little more trouble. Even the talk of the town has also been placed fruit stand numerous harassment, but obviously not well-waves of fear that talk of the town, facing those insinuations of reporters and brokers who he was Yigaibuli, what was being said when he fart Only when you have put thirsty reporters or broker to buy fruit, he would smile and a few words about each other ... So, almost a few minutes, talk of the town on the fruit stall was wiped out, even those who have not-so-fresh fruits are sold at a twelve hundred net ...... talk of the town has stood empty stall next to yo, is surrounded by a crowd of around Kacha Kacha gnawing fruit reporters and brokers , that scene, to have Dora Dora wind wind .... And when they Kenwan fruit, the talk of the town with a simple smile has been packed stalls, and then directly hold back home, and then shut the door, put everyone shut out ...... "Dad, you're too much and a. "Tiger on his father a thumbs-up talk of the town is haha ​​laughed. "My son, a good play it, you are now famous, and it can not be too impetuous." Face of his father's warning, Tiger nodded, then looked through the window secretly disappointed that the reporters and brokers North Face Denali Clearance who leave Seeing this, the Tiger ...... addition indescribably cool, you know yesterday from the training ground to come home, but he ran two kilometers Raozhuoquanzai only then throw off those people, but also thanks to the degree he is now stronger physically in After a number of outstanding increase, or just participate in the team's training and buildup so far back enough so that he burned himself out. Tiger knew he was famous, but now he did not care so much, even though the match against Manchester United outstanding performance, Tiger victory clearly have more luck eleven is absolutely beyond their own, the Prairie Princeton is also a super level of play, while Manchester United a beginning, some underestimate the enemy, then it is bad luck, or the game, can not win down. In this game, Tiger found himself there are many places need to be strengthened. Shooting is a link, locate the ball, it is also a l improper. So this time, Tiger in the virtual space, continuous training and shot himself in front of the sense of smell, and in the team's training ground, then started training played any I beg eleven although the effect is not too good, but do not want to miss any of the Tiger can allow yourself to become stronger way! So now Tiger not attend, and those reporters and brokers deal, told reporters he did sometimes talk for a few, but to see that they are stereotyped to ask questions of the Hou Taige also do not want to answer some of their crap general question, as to broker Well ...... see this point, Tiger is still very clear, just each other in the eyes emerge naked, Tiger to know each other is to look into your own cash cow. Tiger may not want to tie their future destiny of these guys who, even if he was looking for brokers, also have to find a good reputation, not the player's agent when the cash cow, but not now Tiger not worry, other end of this season after the talk. Most importantly, they come to a broker, no one can see Tiger really pleasing to the eye, not his face twisted melon split date is philistine, Tiger felt if the find such a broker, then in Players circle could not lift their heads. In the window that reporters and brokers who are dispersed, the Tiger will pull up the curtains, ready to go back into the main room of God space to exercise. At this time, Tiger front door, noon played a polite knock on the door three times. Tiger and his father looked at each, the speaker asked a talk of the town: "Which?" "I ask you, Tiger's father, right? I can do for you is a son who brings bright prospects." Gate pass come and knock on the door, like a polite voice. Upon hearing this, the Tiger and the talk of the town while Pieliaopiezui eleven this time they hear such things too much, always a broker who somehow the hype, it seems that they are under the command if it becomes a Tiger player , they would want to go what what wealthy wealthy, take as many want to take much salary salary ...... "Sorry, I do not want brokers temporarily son, and now it was late, please come back tomorrow." Old Lee said, and thought it is, and tomorrow go to the fruit stand to find me, I'll be more than double the wholesale fruit! "Please do not worry, I'm not the kind of Xiasan Lan broker ...... you know, I am very optimistic about your son, I would not now enticed him to move, as far as I know Tiger and Preston's contract will expire in June next year, and this summer will be my time to show their talents, if you believe in my words, this summer, Tiger's fate will have a tremendous change. "Tiger again and his father looked at each, began to feel a bit mean this guy up, you know those guys come to him before, and even Tiger and Preston have a few years of the contract are not quite sure, you know this is not what hard to find things. The brokers come to seem quite the same as before and those brokers. Tiger opened the curtains looked out and saw that the door had no other people, so quietly on his father: "Dad, do not let him come to talk to? Anyway it one person only, unable to agree even the. "Lao Li thought, also nodded his head, think this is a good proposal. Open the door, the Tiger and the talk of the town immediately saw one wearing a tuxedo, bow tie chest, hands also playing a delicate cane thirties saw this middle-aged man ...... in some oil head noodles suspects After the guy, but think this guy is seen Tiger is still quite pleasing to the eye, because Li Taige from his eyes and did not see greed, but is fun to see a hint of color. "Come to disturb, presumptuous." Mannered middle-aged man nodded toward the Tiger and the talk of the town, and then walked the pace of light came in, Tiger noted that he came in the action like ballroom dancing general . "Bumbling guy." Tiger said something in my heart, but did not have much derogatory words, at least to see such a great English medieval gentlemanly man, than those who see themselves as seeing a chunk of fat the meat guy to be much more pleasing to the eye. "No self-introduction, I Xi Fuke, Ross, Ross called me on it ...... As for today to aim ...... Tiger, I hope to be your agent." With impeccable action in Tiger sat down on a chair at home, come to do a self-introduction. "Mr. Ross ...... Please forgive me for saying bluntly, these days people come to me, there is not one hundred eighty, there is at least half want my agent, but I do not agree, I will only want to think about football, do not want to consider the other. "Tiger said after shook his head. "NONONO." Ross said three consecutive "NO", That shook his head: "I have to say, I was not going to choose you this season and now you move ...... Preston contract Another year and a half, at least, you have to fulfill all the rest of the season half of the season of the contract, the one you are now in Preston played well, a sudden change in the environment, you may not have such a good environment now, For you, is a harm, and secondly, the transfer midway season, this one for a player who is not a good thing, which unlike the summer transfer, you have enough time to adapt to the new team and a new team-mate , has always been rare in the winter transfer and to have excellent performance of the players, at least the performance North Face Denali Fleece have to shoot a discount. "Tiger unconsciously nodded, then he thinks Ross is very correct, which he thought to this reasons for the transfer season, although he took a salary in Preston some less ...... "If I become your agent, I will discuss with you the pros and cons transfer whereabouts. Tiger, I can see You are a very assertive player, calm and intelligent, they need to know what is ...... I will help you negotiate and clubs, so you should get the salary, instead of the current two thousand pounds a mere one week You value one week's worth twenty thousand pounds, or even more ...... whether to stay or go in Preston other team, you need to have a good growing environment, I can see that, although you are young is not small, but you still have great potential to be tapped, your future, it can not just be like this now. "" If you become my agent, you will help me to do what? "Tiger thought thought later, asked one. "Now I will not do anything, everything remains the same on the line, I just need to help you block off some North Face Denali Fleece Outlet unnecessary trouble, and then help you contact some of your fame can make positive growth interviews and the like, in contracts , negotiations with the club by me to do, it allows you to avoid unnecessary conflict, I know that your income is not high enough so you signed a lucrative contract, I will not be in your paycheck the rake, which half the time for you, and no previous distinction. "" I can not say how much I have talent, but I can guarantee you the maximum benefit, and in the economic and competitive to maintain a delicate balance between this point is very important for a player. Some brokers for more revenue and make the players continue to sign the transfer fee, I will not do, because doing so would make a The player can not continue his level of play, it will affect my income eleven players not only to be able to move through frequent value creation. "" And I have an advantage. "Here, Ross stalls Tanshou: "Since my last employer retired, I have nothing now in the hands of the players, if you and I signed, you will be the only one player I do, I will all the energy used in your body to help me do things ...... You see, I really value. "heard here, Tiger had to laugh, at least, this guy is a very funny guy ......" Well, I think I will not find better than your broker the ...... When can we sign? "Tiger said with a smile. "Now you can sign." Ross pulled out like a juggler like a briefcase, Tiger discovered a briefcase tucked under his arm had been, but had not found Tiger stunned the presence of eleven Does this briefcase Ross the man himself too attract attention Mody? From the briefcase and took out a stack of contract, and then gave it to Tiger: "You can take a closer look to see if there is anything inconsistent with the place when I was a liar." Tiger smiled, took the pile of contract , and then to read carefully before eleven eggs on the forest when a big evil, resulting in a short life has been hanging in the hands of others, but be very careful now Tiger stuff like these contracts do ...... carefully watching the contract again, found nothing, and Ross said Tiger in different places, the above stated broker contract signed by both parties, the contract period of two years, the next six months they do not draw from the Tiger's salary which did not actually Viagra eleven How many 10 percent of pumping Viagra is nothing more than one week two hundred pounds, this money is not really a people who tie. Then some of the other side to help him stop the interview, and it will help him to arrange an interview with some favorable, so he does not need that distraction trivia, concentrate on playing, but after the end of this season, the other party will be responsible for negotiating and clubs , for a better operation of his contract or move to other giants, which are indicated in either a stay in Preston or go to other teams, brokers and Tiger I had to discuss, get Tiger talk only after the approval of, and in the Tiger sign a new contract, his salary and signing fee broker will collect ten percent, while brokers will take his investment income , the gains also receive ten percent, of course, is to go through these investments before the approval of the Tiger. Tiger also read some previous contract between players and agents, it is seen in the guild players, and in front of this contract is not much difference, if there will be a self-spoon, then only say , the contract seems more than the other player's contract more favorable .... Some not sure he looked at his father, has been the talk of the town next to watching the contract can not see anything wrong, although the prestige that ten percent of the pumping so that he looked somewhat distressed eleven that have to sell much fruit ah eleven but in other respects he also pick anything wrong to, say, a contract agent talk down to talk about much more than his son now, so it seems to make people drawn into tenth seems to have no problem. See here are not much help his father, Tiger decided to check the calculations, at least a very fair contract, binding on both parties, signed nothing, again, it's time for two years, of which there are six other is white dry, where to find such a good thing ah. Look at Tiger Rose during the contract does not say anything, but looked very natural Tiger movements, occasionally helping Tiger explain the details of the contract. "No problem, I think now you can sign the contract." Tiger picked up on Ross said. Ross smiled, then took out a pen from his briefcase and handed Tiger. In both signed the contract after the name, Ross handed him a copy to Tiger safekeeping contract in triplicate, the two sides prepare a, there is a record to take it to the parties Some say that all seem secure. Tiger looked a bit signature, Ross laughed: "Tiger, you have to practice what the signed, there will be more people come to your signature." Tiger laughed, he did write the word Debu how, Ross This joke is very decent, apart from reminding him again, but also includes the Tiger would have been more famous, more and more people come to him the meaning of the signature on the inside. After signing the contract, two people look closer to some of the distance between eleven players and brokers are very interesting, interdependence, Ross got up to leave means that do their own thing to go, then got up and took him to the Tiger door . In farewell, Tiger seemed to remember something, and then he casually asked one: "Yes Mr. Ross, who is your employer before? I am very curious about it." "Oh, that guy ah ...... he retired There are half a bar, Manchester United captain, when playing old likes to stand collar guy. "Ross Mozhuoxiaba said. "I rely on, Cantona!" Tiger somewhat stunned to think, this time Ross had shook hands with him, then turned to leave, turned, rolled with a thin cane stick flowers ...... "I think I really is to find a broker which may not be yet. "Ross looked back, Tiger could not help but think so. Ps: chapters get! After knock ~ ~ seeking seeking seeking monthly subscription a recommendation (to be continued) <
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