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August 02 [Fri], 2013, 19:11
"Shortage good Masaoki statue, a mere Dragon Empire, even allows you Qujia come here, really is greatest of pleasure ah!" Palace Hey laughed if off, eyes are Qiaoxiang that were falling to the ground level of respect Dzogchen master. "Boy, you actually cheaters, you bastard!" Answered the respect level Dzogchen master cursed teeth, wait for them to leave the palace if devouring. If it is away from the palace Heiran smile, do not care outside of the front feet shortage respect toward the respect level Dzogchen master said: "It is your own stupidity, greed, otherwise how can we be fooled?" "Fart - - "That's respect level Dzogchen master sè face flushed at once, do not know is affecting internal injuries, or had been poked in the pain, side to curse the occasion. But I saw a shortage statue waved Leng Heng, stop living him to go! Respect level Dzogchen master ducked their heads down, afraid to look shortage statue's eyes, indeed as if from the palace said in general, if it is because of their greed to the extreme, if you want to seize the palace from the sword, it will not be He aimed at the opportunity to come to such a fate. Shortage respect him a cold look, immediately Qiao Xiang Palace if off and said: "this life, deity only two things wrong, you know what it is?" Palace if off smiled, as if the opposite person is like an ordinary person, light, said: "The first thing is five years ago, did not run to the power shortage Temple, leaving me and Amusement brother. second thing is that when you grab the heart of chaos, still left I have a xìng life! "wild statue heard not help but laugh, Qiao Xiang Palace if the eyes with a trace of praise from the sè, immediately Heiran said:" You clever, is my life, I only see, if from the palace , you said are not wrong, I should not give you a five-year, so you grow into such a situation now, even makes me feel a hint of pressure! "Palace if off with a smile and shook his head and calm, said: "Ling Fei from your memory will eliminate onwards, I leave with you, if the shortage Palace Temple, the outcome is bound to die endlessly!" wild statue heard sè could not help but become a changed face, immediately said: "I had guessed , you will because she and our enemies Temple shortage, but did not think you would be so caring for her, but now rì say these words to you, it's not a wise choice, because I've missed twice This third time, I will not let threats continue! "Yanba, eyes instant cooling, intended to kill little diffuse out of the clothes no wind automatically, it seems always possible shot. If you can not see from his face Palace slightest fear, if before this, perhaps his mind there may be more careful, after all, although they have to grasp the hands of the statue escaped famine, but those five flag and the flag of the dark warrior, but it is not matter. But now, if away from the palace has never had peace of mind at this moment, because the SC, he received a message to let him ecstatic. "Do you think you have a chance to what?" Palace if from whispered, let's face sè shortage statue is a change. "I knew you freemason have two demigod realm of the master, but, this place has been my battle supreme supernatural powers to shield their soul and then worse, can not probe the inside of the case!" Wild statue sneer . If the activities of the palace is a bit away from the somewhat stiff neck, laughing: "You still like so self-righteous, to deal with you, why should I freemason two elders shot?" Wild statue slightly hesitated, freemason from its inception, He would have been tightly pegged, constant influx of messages from the Dragon Empire into his ears. Even the plants and trees are freemason inquire very clearly, freemason have much strength, it is well known, so the palace if from this speech is so that he could not help but hesitated. Thought a moment, just laughed aloud: "Do you think that the deity will believe what you say? Falter, kid, you just fooling, but, you have a clear understanding of deity xìng child, this time, you will stay here it! "Yanba, flexor into a catch, a big hand suddenly appeared, towards the palace if the camera took a pledge from the past, the mouth is hehe smiles:" I happen to think that if you try the taste of poison lotus I do not know that you are not also with Xuanming general, forget everything, willing as I used to do? "Palace if burst back out from the physique, lips fretting, lightly:" I'm afraid you do not have the strength, and, Pretty soon, I will definitely take back the spirit of Princess! "" Ha ha! "wild Zun laughed, but it is no longer speak, arm castration somewhat more rapidly, while an invisible soul from the palace if firmly locked. If unchanged from God sè palace, in the palm of huge bird about to close when the universe chest jade Tai Chi group suddenly broke out in a black and white alternating two sè light. Meanwhile, an intrepid exquisite flavor from being crazy universe Tai Chi Yu gush, filled the bitter toward four weeks away, the palace if the soul from the body of the lock, even by this unit to life and momentum of the open minced go! An ancient, prehistoric breath rushing out of the light from that broke out among the group, and soon, a beast claws and sharp white light group being slowly since stuck, coinciding with North Face Outlet the shortage of respect for that huge paw print Collision in together. "Boom -" That seemingly insignificant animal claws, with respect shortage hit a palm on when Kuangmeng underlying strength suddenly rushed out of the air waves fiercely burst the opening to! Shortage statue that huge paw prints, this beast claws directly to pinch burst open to go into the sky Naturals sè points of light, floating between heaven and earth. Shortage sè statue face became pale and stature also instantly poured out over ten husbands distance, his eyes cold Qiaoxiang sè light yellowish brown among that group gradually emerged on the scene. If you leave the palace is also looking forward to the upcoming exhibition came to prominence looked at the little guy, he wants to know some urgent this time, how he will bring a small counseling surprise. "Click -" gave the Qing Xiang, that a beast claws North Face Scy stuck, forced a tear in that group sè light yellowish brown egg cracked like a general, cracked a road deep ravines. Immediately, one pair of crackling sparks flashing light group of the unicorn horn since being stuck, then, is a huge bird unicorn head. "Roar -" That unicorn open Xuepentaikou, uttered a deafening roar, immediately, that originally split Cn gap light group, crashing burst the open. A full hundred feet high huge unicorn standing tall, foot colorful clouds, constantly producing a low growl voice. "Little counsels.." Slightly open road from the palace if, if it is a small counseling faithful that primary care, the fight only Half-Life, he would not come to such a fate, until then just restored. So for a small counseling, if centrifugation Palace have a special emotion, beatings on the surface of ridicule, but the heart that feelings, but it is not false. Small counsels looked deep if from a palace, bell-like unicorn head flashed a strong respect and gratitude, immediately fiercely toward a statue shortage shakes. "You're bullied my master, a small counseling spare you not!" Crisp voice suddenly came, and soon the little unicorn aches that air burst of light flashes. Actually turned into an eleven-year-old big child, powder carving Yuzhuo, covered Lingqibiren, a pair of big eyes Hushanhushan Smart, very cute. "This is ... a small counseling ..." Palace is laughing off if that dragon statue to the state level, they can be as personal, but it is a middle-aged man's image. But now counsels small repair has been going into the sub-Wonderland world, how would this be as a child? Other side of the statue is frowned shortage, this unicorn comes out of my body breath, made him feel a hint of fear, though this time as a child. But that naturally revealed to the momentum, but it is do not leave, with their level in the same animal, the degree of his attack, probably no less than sub-Wonderland world of master it. Shortage could not help but respect the fist tightened, this north face sale store time really is the effect, if I did not expect from the palace's side, even have this other animal. "You're the bad guy, bully my master, watching fight!" Little counsels waving fists, suddenly smashed down towards the shortage statue, just stuck his fist on the occasion, a road shrouded arc linger, soon suddenly enlarged several times, mixed with the whistling of the wind, blow fiercely towards the shortage statue smashed down! "Oh!" Wild statue brow a tight, a flow with a strong light yellowish brown sè impressively long knife in hand, it is the Temple of the product shortage spiritual device - Xuan Yuan knife! Knife Pichu, the world sè changed, with the addition of chemicals spiritual device, the power of the sword, and instantly skyrocketed. Today or chapters, chapter nine o'clock there, thank you for support. . .
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