Two people have too many similar places

May 19 [Fri], 2017, 13:06
Two people have too many similar places, they are in the same year (2003) was Annaheim duck team selected, and the middle only separated by nine (Gateslav first round of the 19th overall, Perry The first round of the 28th overall) Matt Cullen Jersey, and in the same season boarded the NHL stage, 2013, both of them with the team signed an eight-year contract.

The second quarter to the first 4 minutes, the use of more opportunities to play less penguin team will score more than the team's strong play group in the capital of the hinterland with exquisite pass with pull open the gap Bobby Farnham Jersey, Crosby back to Mal Gold, the latter cross to find the weak side of the Kassel, the latter small angle playing empty door network, 2: 1. This assists also let Crosby career playoff total score of 96 points, tied the legendary Mario - Mumi, tied for penguin history first.

In the face of the Blues team, the game on the scene they completely occupied the initiative, the active body to marry the predators are not suited, although the team still can not solve the Soviet Union - Ikehom and a group of predators play, but in the containment of plunder The other group of time quite experience Daniel Sprong Jersey, especially the Euse - Ellis defender group frequently mistakes, the two conceded a direct responsibility, if the game they can continue this performance, will give the predator with To a huge pressure; although a group suffered a containment, but the blues of the two groups in the game to come forward, teenager Yaskin replaced Sting as the two strikers for the team scored the opening goal Mike Condon Jersey, and a person contributed 8 times in the offensive leadership, they are also in the team all four front line in the first.
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