Cher On Her Own Music: 'I'm Not A Cher F

May 12 [Sun], 2013, 8:40
We believe in life after love, but we can hardly believe this news: Cher does not like the sound of her own voice!

"I'm not a Cher fan," the superstar, who (along with 86-year-old mom Georgia and younger sister Georganne) sat down withAccess Hollywood'sShaun Robinson for a new interview, revealed. "Hearing my voice, I would just rather put my fingers on a chalkboard.

"If I was going to listen to music, I certainly wouldn't put one of my CDs on and go, 'Oh, this rocks!'" she added.

Cher fans will soon get a glimpse into her childhood and personal life as she, Georgia and Georganne will be featured in a new documentary on Lifetime, "Dear Mom, Love Cher."

The project is a loving tribute to Georgia, who raised Cher and her sister, and had six marriages.

"My mom's life was pretty chaotic, but really interesting," Cher said.

"The whole thing -- not one particular thing, but her whole life -- was astounding," Georganne added.

The documentary coincides with the release of Georgia's debut album, "Honky Tonk Woman," which features a duet with Cher.

"Dear Mom, Love Cher" will air Monday at 10 PM on Lifetime.

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