It seems that the future

June 15 [Sat], 2013, 16:47
> No pop fiction network, thousands of avid reader both online fruit went to the door, and what comes to mind, then folded back in the bookcase in the invitation to take on the scene just used pen and ink, carefully fill in the name , out the door to the bodyguard, "to wear Gum, be sure to catch him back. wWw, quaNBen, COm" but thought nothing can be confessed, and only out of town on a chariot car. Out of town, do not hurry back to Yi Park, and dragging a deep red to a nearby town on the town that a full ate the lotus leaf rice cakes made a name, but also eating rice cakes wrapped deep red to buy osmanthus sugar, she is not a person who likes to waste time, does not like to waste loiter time, but today she is to mix long to thirsty long. He just got the time to grind noon,Oakley Squared, the deep red a reminder not only to re-climb the chariot and then reminder cars. Even sloppy deep red are aware of her unusual, as she opened the curtain, I asked: "what are you thinking?" "What can I mind? Shawn has come back, I feel just yet." Mei fruit Zhong Yan could not help, smile blossoming on the surface, but my mind was secretly smile, it seems his acting was bad. "You do not want to go back Yi Park? Or fifteen today, you do not return, he would worry about." Him who his mouth, rose fruit certainly understand that Pieliaopiezui corner, "Really?" Really do not know the man's fear is She worried about this man, this man still worried about missing her influence him to do. "Do not you will indulge him?" Dark red puzzled look, she grew dependent on him not to trust it? And he's not been on her every possible care of it? "No, how can I pregnant with him? Let's go." Fruit bent into the trunk, which also fared about the same time, back to Yi Park will not have too much time worrying about how to face him. And later she had things to do. Although far from what Events. But she must do it. Back to Yi Park. Direct holding a bunch of things that she and jugs back to their own land courtyard liang. So as to explain the doubled. They themselves took to wash clothes into the backyard spa. From yesterday to today toss so long. Climbing again. But also rub tree land. Early whole body uncomfortable. Under the water. Through steaming mist. Micro wind looking to put white gauze curtain. As if carrying a medicine chest hit came in to see the local people. His voice Zi to linger in the ear pale to her claim. 'I am your Cardiff! 'And between Tan admitted that they do not naturally' couple in reality. 'Wen fruit Shaman slowly slipped from sight. Finally landed in front of ground water. What sort them in the end? Perhaps what is not. Just use and being used. If there is no night so he is always willing to take advantage of down. Replaced ago. She will curse yourself silly. But she really would rather silly to go as long as he could to where she can see. But tonight she wants a result, no matter what kind of results, wear Gum remarks let her know that she has not much time not afford to delay it. Deep red plum forward, looked sitting alone at the end where the edge of the board for a moment and went to sit down across from him and picked up a piece, random fill in his cloth under the chess game where blocked when a large piece . Last heart looked residual chess shook his head, watching the deep red "I was good a chess game you ruined." Deep red pawn in the hands of disapproval thrown chess box, "Princess look at the past do not come back?" At the end Where buried bow, Qushi blocked by his patch of pawn "if she wanted to see me, would seem dictated from me or come directly if she refused to see me, why should I bother to her?" dark red frowned head, think his words like a rational though, but always feel should not be so, but also picked up a White still at random to fill in another gap, suddenly blocked again that White larger one . Where the micro end of the eyebrow frown, "This bureau was destroyed by you did not have to make up." Deep red shrugged his shoulders, "You refused wrong step, too careful, though everywhere smart, but I'd feel better admire the autumn more direct refreshing. "smiled the end who said nothing, look to the door. Servant come walk through the ceremony, "Son, when placed meal?" At the end where a little disappointed that she refused his end is over, "put it." Deep red to get up and leave, who stopped by at the end, "Better Together? I am a person eating too tasteless. "" or. "deep red big case case the transition to the table to sit down, he was a man back dining is tasteless. Servant put meals, hearty dishes very chic, obviously not the weight of a person. Deep red heart be enlightened, but does not talk, opened silver lid, to also recognize some fancy rose fruit is like. Who went to the end of the table, did not immediately sit down and pick a few favorite dish fruit plate rose, so that the servant put Replace silver lid, put the tray, "Give Princess sent in the past." Other servant go open, he sat down, handed the dishes to deep red, "Come on." sighed deep dark red, so many years, at the end where if He Duimei fruit, he saw in the eyes and said end of every sentient beings, he does not like a sentient, but said he was ruthless, heartless person, how everything could be so hard? "Since they prepare meals under her why she refused to go, please, please?" Dark red do not understand how would he find so many concerns, such as if the rose fruit on their own against him like that, he would just jump in the past, will never be a man here Shadeng. "I am not prepared specially for her under anything, just doing my thing." At the end where slowly, eat very little, they put down the chopsticks, Ming Hung said it right that he did better than Mu autumn altogether frank,oakley sunglasses outlet, obviously expecting her to come back, obviously early to prepare for the next her favorite dishes, but in the end ...... In fact, he just do not want to bow to her, but she is willing to blindly and soft services to their own people? Secretly smile ...... why bother ...... dinner, deep red stretch, "It seems that the future is much more to you rub some rice here we go, here you really have to taste some of the food." At the end where the smile shaking his head,oakley sunglasses sale, "are those who cook, but also deliberately ill-treat you not? "dark red Yaotouhuangnao," no, no, though it is the same cook, but you actually have become things of the meals. "checkerboard end who went to play with, for him if some silent smile, "tomorrow you can go to those who cook a meal marked the board, Lai when they give you meals reduced use of materials." "Wrong." deep red sat opposite him, hugged another piece box, "is a little heart, a person's heart." Where Leng Liaoleng end, every time she came back, he did always personally selected dishes to the kitchen, always intolerant of their trouble again commanded them to press inquire about his past to her preferences as far as possible to make a similar taste, but even more unique dishes. He did, really just to their responsibilities? Or something else? Although recent fruit ********************** mind there plot, but often do not want to start writing, it may be confused, right, and his fruit will be adjusted as soon as possible. (To be continued,) nice novel all in, tell your friends <
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