he squatted down and said

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultStone monkey become monkey queen ,five or six years before ,that one day is with many stone monkey monkey Festival when, suddenly an old monkey careening down ,stone monkey initial do ,asked: the old monkey sleeping ? One of the older monkeys jumped out, feeling the old monkey nose ,tears, said : the king, he ,he is dead ! Die ? Monkey King was not believe face ,asked: die ?Death is what meaning ? Stone monkey born smart ,first heard the word death ,have sharp had a bad feeling .
the dead ,that he would never get up again . Older monkeys pain cries ...Since this date, Monkey King daily appetite ,mourn over the death of old monkey at the same time ,the more their own future destiny worry ,he will die ?Also like the old monkeys will not come ?The more he thought, the more feel alive without meaning ,one day, like the old monkey die like .
Monkey King daily alcohol drink ,finally have smart monkey found the monkey king depression ,came along and asked : king how depressed ?Now you as the flower and fruit mountain king ,commanding the three thousand Quartet monkey Michael Kors Hot Style,but the monkey king ,should be happy to .
Monkey King replied : since yesterday ,but I was mortal ,and finally had to die ,what ,life, not live ,is really ... Monkey King tears ,can ,inside has pain to feel, think of all of the present is to be away from their own ,they will fall into eternal sleep ,not by grief .
not to be sad ,I know the world is large ,there are three kinds of people can have eternal life . This is heard by Monkey King spoke an old monkey jumped out, the monkey king said .Oh? Which three people? Monkey King tears suddenly stopped ,excited and asked .
These three kinds of people ,but their true immortal ,arhat Buddha ,God Primus ,only these three people ,can avoid reincarnation ,out of the three realms ,heaven and earth with life . The old monkey explained .
Monkey King and asked: how to find the three one ? The old monkey said : if you are looking for a true immortal ,is surely in the deep sea ,to search for the Buddha ,is in the Western elysian fields ,if looking for God in eternity ,is unknown .
Sorry? Forever unknown ?The elysian fields ?What kind of place is it? Monkey King asked . I don ,but Lao legend ,there is such a legend . Said the old monkey .ll go to sea to seek true immortal ,if really immortal worship division, demand have eternal life in the .
Monkey king said firmly .From the day after ,Monkey King started ,he led the little monkey cutting down trees ,with vines tied ,made a raft ,and then took two branches as a paddle ,and ready to go .
The monkey king and the monkeys away, their tears ,eventually the monkey king firm on the raft UGGs Ultra Tall Boots Sale,the waves away ,finally disappeared in the horizon of the place ,the remaining monkeys are returned to the water curtain cave ,not to mention ,saying only that monkey king bleach ocean to cross the sea, after a few years ,actually came to the West cattle Hezhou ,he from the water inside out ,come to human settlement place ,see a group of people on shore together ,do not know what to do ,Monkey King met, previously always is Orion ,see them ,feel instinctively and Orion are not the same, he came to look inside ,you see there is a big fellow is brushing a knife gun ,monkey king thought the man to kill him ,frightened jump back up ,and see the Han did not come ,then look back ,only to find the only show others look .
Monkey King picked next to look at one worn on the head ,he saw someone wearing a hat ,he also wants to wear, but does not prevent it alerted the hat master ,he suddenly saw a and about the monkey ,two legs standing up than he is only low point ,face also has a rich expression ,it encountered the monster ,Guaijiao escape, the rest of the people will return to God ,for fear of eyes looking at the monkey king ,even the show man ,shouted : monster ,monster .
then escape together .Monkey King bare teeth ,are these popular not gently : go , he cried .See those people are dressed ,Monkey King also find their own clothes ,is a human on the beach to the left, he wore on, does not prevent directly backwards ,he don ,to the sea far from the side ,not a long time ,has developed into a small town ,he saw a lot of people in the town ,was surprised when UGG Caspia, bumps into a person ,the people food basket to knock the monkey king ,he squatted down and said: sorry ,sorry ,I help you .
He is in flower and fruit mountain when go to school people talk, now do the same to the people ,saying: thank you for picking up food .Pick up the dishes ,looked up ,only to see the help themselves is a talking monkey ,immediately be scared ,shouted and ran .
Monkey king showed expression of helplessness ,see next to a bold man came up ,he shouted : go ,go to the bare teeth ,put them away .Monkey King ran to a shoemaker, up to the rafter ,see place following a lot of shoes ,with the hook hook hook under the cage shoe ,shoe store owner is read a book ,do not prevent birdcage smashed up head ,look up see outside the people shouted: monkey sperm !Monkey sperm ! His ear is not too good ,asked : what ? Turn from the shelf took over a shoe ,asked : is this ? Hey .
.., is a monkey ,monkey ? We cried . What a monkey ? Shoe store owner couldn ,this time the monkey king wear shoes jumped down from the roof ,it put the shoe store owner was frightened jump ,from his shop run ,Monkey King came to the street, and experienced many ,who met him ,all were away, the monkey king shoes ,wearing clothes with out of Town ,he went to town on the edge of a mountain .
Go down the mountain, but hear hill to upload strange song ,the song is singing : concept of chess Ke rotten ,Ki Dingding ,cloud edge mouth of valley line .To sell firewood ,laughter from Tao .
Cang diameter in autumn moon pine ,pillow ,sleep .Recognize the old forest ,climb cliffs over the ridge ,an axe off withered vines .Come into a load, line of the song city ,Yimi three litre .
No more sub strife ,time average UGG Bailey I Do Wedding.Not much happens UGGs Mens Ascot,no honor ,easy extension .Meet ,not immortal namely ,meditation about yellow court ... Monkey king heard this song ,was a clever ,he heard the immortals, Monkey King running up into the hills to ,soon see people singing ,is a wood woodcutter ,Monkey King up and asked: old gods ,the old fairy ,please accept me as a disciple ? He shook his head : I immortal .
How do you say God said ? Monkey King asked . As a matter of fact ,this song is an old fairy taught me, named master Puti ,in the mountains ,in the Lingtai inch mountain ,on the ramp on Samsung hole .
The woodcutter replied . Since you know God ,why not to worship him as a teacher ? Monkey King asked . Just because my house and mother to care for, non easy cultivation ,often tens of millions of years past ,I must not go ah .
The woodcutter said ,take firewood ,continue to mount it .Monkey king looked at his back, eventually turned and went to the mountains in the mountains ,he has been for five or six days, I found a ramp on Samsung hole ,far away to see the two boys standing in the doorway, week week ,pale pink ,does not move .
Monkey King picked up a stone ,according to which a child lost the past ,the boy was the stone hit ,then jumped down from Shitai ,and shouted: who ?Who is me ? Stone monkey saw the boy turns out to be alive, jumped out ,said : it is I ,I call you .
Why did you hit me? The boy asked ,another boy is coming ,asked : stone monkey ,you are proud to the mountain of flowers and fruits come from ? How do you know .Stone monkey asked .
Come on in ,master waiting for you a long time . The boy said ,then open the door ,with the monkey king went in .Monkey king said to the boy as his Master heard for quite some time ,really feel is met angel ,heart excited ,with yearning and longing, followed the boy into a ramp on Samsung hole .
At this time of millions of miles away, ye finally exit ,step to the ramp on Samsung outside ,only to see a monkey figure ,Ye Tao face show some murderous ,but never really broke out, he said to himself : it ,since missed this opportunity ,now want to take Sun Wukong now too late ,as he swims on the west ,to the Mongolian Ziqi as the condition, called him worship me as teacher ,do not believe he did not promise .
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