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July 25 [Thu], 2013, 12:29
> Early morning. WWw. quANBEn. Com Roland and all the knights squire came early training ground, in the morning doing various preparatory actions. One is a newcomer to Roland, Roland two to bring you the shock is too great,Cheap Christian Louboutin, although in some familiar enhanced dinner yesterday, but we still maintain a sense of distance Roland. Roland's side only Augustin this roommate, shot yesterday, the top edge of that thing on his head, as if Augustine had little to do, still kept to Roland introduces. "Every morning after breakfast, we were ready to move for half an hour to do first, and then took us out to do some bald basic training, two hours later, is that everyone own trained." Augustin while stretching, while Contact Roland said. "Yesterday you come early, if a little later, stay in this square, and probably also 56 individual right." Roland nodded, which is individualized Ya Erman said what? It seems that they should not have, and everyone accepts the basic training, just do not know called Baldy's Partick Thistle will leave yourself what kind of special training. "Lined up!" Augustin heard shouting. Knights squire who quickly ended his actions, in a very short period of time in accordance with their height stand in a row, Roland consciously standing the tail. By this time HOU, Roland found that he turned out to be all the knights squire inside their shortest, imagine also, after all, he is now the age of only six years old, and a bunch of children aged around stand together, of course, is standing the end. Partick Thistle picking his teeth, slovenly manner came shining bald, shining in the morning light. "Gun!" There is no superfluous nonsense, Partick Thistle announced today the training content. Augustin point of the two men, to the warehouse, will train with the lance moved out of hand shot hair down. Roland reach lance, found this lance, not even four years old when his lance used by Shen, with the approval of the Battery's consent, back home, will Joji point bombs took out. Joji point bombs, three meters long six guns, gun Shen seventy jin, not only from the length of the continent is far more than a lance used, the weight ratio of the mainland usual three or four pounds of knight with lance, sink full double! Even more than five pounds of heavy training with lance, but also heavy nearly half! Roland gun standing, imposing as a mountain! A congregation knight squire, watching Roland which the peerless weapon,Oakley Lifestyle Clearance, one stunned. "See what?! Staring at your gunpoint!" Battery bang Bao, just so that everyone's eyes from Roland's Joji point bombs leave. Roland turned around twice, a close look at what point bombs, and Partick Thistle also bouts of palpitations. Overbearing and sinister! This is Battery Point bombs on Joji first visual impression, and then think of the lance end at the hands of Roland, suddenly look at this kid's eyes have changed. "This is your future weapon?" "Yes!" "Augustine, give him plus two pounds of weight." One after the ten pounds of iron, are respectively Joji point bombs hanging in the front and rear, Roland gun still does not move a mountain! Sun continues to climb, the temperature continues to rise, as time goes by, the knight squire began wheezing, sweating. Roland remained motionless! Lance with Roland breathing, bobbing up and down slightly, but the lance gunpoint on tightly fixed in one place, you can not move nothing! "Rest!" One congregation knight squire, already tired of not decent, and heard Partick Thistle command, thrust the lance thrown to the ground, and he stood there panting. Roland Gently Joji bombs under the first point, the one after the two iron on the ground, then put up the gun, the gun at the top end of the ground, firmly hold on to the point bombs. With a full three meters six point bombs than more Roland dwarfs, but no one knight squire say anything, not even dare to look into Roland's eyes. Simple one gun action, to let everyone know, why Roland small age, you can overcome this most powerful sword Augustine! "You start from the old to receive basic training?" "Old!" Partick Thistle Roland quite satisfactory. However, in the training, Partick Thistle somewhat stiff, some unreasonable and did not ask Roland also learned something, but more pragmatically issued orders. "Archery!" Squire knight complaining, but we also know Partick Thistle Roland basic training in the test results, no way, sub-holding bows and arrows, bows and arrows came driving range and began to practice archery. Roland with bows and arrows, once again proved their strong! All ten arrows in the target arrow arrow pierces through, when the last arrow, pull off a surprising ride bow! Even from the old to start basic training, they do not so much now? ! In the end, everyone is not archery, and all looked at Roland performances. A crossbow, two crossbows, crossbow until three, six Roland was not required to ride again, replace the bow. Somersault, Su Bei Jian, Xi Niu Mochizuki ...... single shot, projectile, a chain shot, arrival almost exactly four pot shot ...... feathers, Roland were all in a very short period of time shot go. Arrow Arrow is not empty! Arrival nearly shot when the feathers actually shot through the flak, mercilessly nailed to the opposite wall, and the tail is still violently shake! That was Stonewall ah! All knights squire all look silly! So this is really convinced, do not look younger Roland, lance, sword, bow and arrow are so powerful, not only that, from yesterday and Augustine battle, it can be seen, Roland just a firmer foundation, Even the battle, there is a numerical one, no one can be the Roland opponent! There heads turn faster, and even began to doubt, when fighting a murderous Roland, it does not really killed a man? ! Ignore other people's ideas, Roland finished shooting arrows, face Partick Thistle, but Li Ning. Partick Thistle see of Roland, the more satisfied. Who would not want to teach a few excellent excellent student? ! "In the future you only need two hours every morning to participate in basic training to increase their amount of training." Partick Thistle opening gave Roland privilege, which is Roland show itself more in return privilege. After listening to Roland noncommittal, looking forward to Partick Thistle following words. Ya Erman repeatedly emphasized, Partick Thistle individualized special education, would have an inestimable role in Roland, coupled with yesterday, Partick Thistle but just out of watching Roland sword, they perceived Roland fighting short board, under the guidance of the simple guide will be able to have a grudge Roland vitro. All in all, are described, Partick Thistle knight in teaching terms, there is absolutely unique! Even if Roland has adult soul following arrangements for Partick Thistle to their special education, but also filled with a strong expectation! "The rest of the time ......" With Battery discourse, Roland heart is raised up, only to hear Partick Thistle, said: "I go to the mountains running ......" What? ! Running? ! "Yes, I remember and want,Oakley Sunglasses Store, clothes, and more with weight-bearing." "Bang when!" Roland head, planted in the ground. <
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