If we give the demon clan hard

August 16 [Fri], 2013, 12:24
Ge old, you are the heads of several of us, what words, said to come down! We listen to you. A blue man said. The old, Ge, a critical moment, you get the idea is. Other people have and. Even the shorter week old, is hesitating in speaking: Ge old, my week old will listen to your words, another person, I also...... To accept. Ge Lao Wang a trust face, nodded: Ladies and gentlemen, today I said the thing, is beheaded, who was afraid of, first creak sound, then don't drag you back. Don't be afraid, Ge old, we were demon clan control, anyway is dead! For those craftsmen, naive, thought the demon clan a big wealth, hum, have a life to take, must the life enjoyment is. The 650th chapter with the demon heroic decision, force big kill (San Geng) family service, that ask a tiger for its skin! The demon clan play fast and loose, they promise, trust. The purification of division, and craftsmen, they are chasing the RI sword UNITA flocks, usually accept the chase RI sword UNITA brainwashing, regardless of experience, or loyalty, are not those craftsman can ratio. Ge old very satisfied with your response, nod a way: good, the evil doer is the evildoer, outsider heart will different! They promised me the old Ge Wan hou. But, I the old Ge will be tempted? Bah! It is one hundred thousand Li Hou, a million miles Hou, that is a big cake! Looks very beautiful, do not reach the mouth. On, on, is a failure, when not true. Wan Li Hou, sounds really exciting, this is they're chasing RI sword Au. Absolutely impossible to enjoy the glory, splendour, wealth and rank. After RI sword UNITA although give them rich. But only material on the position and North Face Gloves wealth, and did not reach the extent of marquis. Ge old emotions, obviously some excitement, beard not jitter, trembling voice: I live to old Ge 180 years old, with those monks no better than ordinary people, but with this life, than, is enough. I this lifetime, no less absurd things. However, there is a chapter 650th heroic Army decided to (midnight), large absurd things not to do, and that is to north face sale store do the traitor. Traitor. If we give the demon clan hard, it is a traitor. Betrayal is not only after RI sword alliance. Also is the entire humanity. We give the demon clan hard, it doesn't deserve to live! These words, the other people inside of the blood also aroused. Yes, * * * who give demon clan hard, who is not human! I'm not stem, big deal is dead! Death and how? The demon clan invasion, many have great magic power of the strong are dead, we a humble life, death and what good afraid of? If the fear of death after, scent through the ages. So that future generations scold us is a traitor to humanity...... Ge old, or you ordered, we fight with them, to fight a. I didn't live in vain is. Yes, spell. I will not drag out an ignoble existence. If the back alive, to see his wife and children, ask Mens North Face Nuptse Down me is how to come back, don't say with them, I do the traitor? For the demon clan hard? Can't. Never can! Greenspan is designed to drive the mood, now see everybody mood came up, hurriedly put a hand way: calm, calm, listen to the sentence. Hard words. Not to mention. The purification of division, although some martial arts practice. But!
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