Last time... 

June 04 [Mon], 2007, 0:00
This is last time when I write to here
I don't have time to write here anymore, and I'd like to thank everybody, who has red this yaplog and also comment I love u guys all
And mostly I wanna thank Nagisa, who made this yaplog to me.
Lordi rocks !!

Kisses 'n' hugs xxx

25th of May 

May 25 [Fri], 2007, 13:41
Well.. I haven't writed to here in long time, again I'm sorry.
I will have to go to school for a week still .
But then the vacation starts !
I'm happy 'bout it, I think
Well ... here isn't happening anything special ...

Yesterday we get to know who is going to be new singer of Nightwish,
and their new song eva was played .
It was a ballad, and I didn't like it at all .
It wasn't typical nightwish .
and the new vocalist is swedish female!!
I think her voice is okay, but Tarja Turunen was better.

13th of May 

May 13 [Sun], 2007, 15:36
Yesterday was Eurovision Song Contest 2007 ... Finland was with Hanna Pakarinen
We got 17th place . Last year Lordi won and we made history . It was a big deal
Anyways I think it's good that we didn't lose whole competition .
I'm allright . I was sick and something like that a week ago, but now I'm allright again
I've had some tests at school
But they were allright ... I guess
These days I've played internet games quite lot
I think they are mostly good, I play them at and , I love puzzle games !!!!!
They are just good *laugh*
My favourites are Wild Wild Words,Flower Power,Temple Of Jewels and so on!

30th of april 

April 30 [Mon], 2007, 15:17
Well .. Nothing special haven't happened these days .
I went to dad's house , we watched together The Pirates Of Te Caribbean : The Curse Of The Black Pearl ... The first movie .
Soon 3rd part of Pirates will be at cinemas . I will go to watch it when it comes out ! I like 1st and 2nd part a lot . I think second is better . Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones are my favourite
Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow . And Davy Jones is a octopus made by computer . He doesn't arrive at all in curse of black pearl , only dead mans chest , but he will arrive again in at world's end .
My favourite game , Kingdom Heart's has also a place of Pirates Of The Caribbean . It's called Port Royal . And u can play with Jack also there . And u can use ship to go to Isla De Muerta . it's awesome ! Port Royal is 'bout black pearl . So there isn't anything from 2nd movie . Anyway , u should watch out the movie , it's awesome , and also play the game !

Yuka, my good friend <3 

April 22 [Sun], 2007, 23:31
I have really good friend from Japan .
Her name is Yuka
We send quite often mails and I'm really happy to be her friend .
and I hope that we can be friends for really long time !
She has weblog also .. I linked it to here !!!
Plz watch out , it's really cool

Yuka , Love ya !

21th of April 

April 21 [Sat], 2007, 23:47
Well ..
At first this week we had at school "valtakunnallinen koe"
wich mean that it's a test that all finnish students have in 6th grade
We had maths test like that .. it mean that u have to know and learn all the things in math from last 6 years .. so it's too much ...
it didn't go so well from me
Anyway, I'm waitin' the result now ....
And a week ago last weekend I was celebrating my friend Lauras birthday .
It was a lot of fun .. I was for a nightover in her house ! But I forgot to take my camera, so we couldn't take any pictures there
And another fuckin' stupid thing ... we were goin' to watch my favourite movie Dracula again, but their DVD player didn't work .. so it was soo stupid cuz I wanted to watch it again so much .. I'll watch it alone soon ! When I've finished reading the book
I hope it will happen soon !!!
Now I'm a little bit sick .. but not so badly !
Yesterday I went to dads house and we watched together last part of The Lord Of The Rings (return of the king ) I like it the most of all three movies, it's the best . I also like two towers ... the fellowships of the ring isn't so good as other ones .

Bram Stoker's Dracula 

April 14 [Sat], 2007, 15:35
Now I talk to u 'bout my favourite movie ... Bram Stoker's Dracula .
I love that movie really much, and it's one of my favouritez.
Dracula is a bout count who lives in castle in Transylvania . He's a vampire, livin' dead man . He drinks peoples blood by bitin' their neck and he has eternal life . He's both young and old . He's comin' to London to find his love . Movie is 'bout romance of count Dracula and Mina Murray . Gary Oldman is acting Dracula and Winona Ryder is actin' Mina Murray . Movie is at the same time horror and love story.

Dracula movie is made by book of Bram Stoker . The Name of the book is also Dracula . Book is written 1800's !! So it's quite old.

Finnish Candies 

April 09 [Mon], 2007, 15:44
Today I will talk 'bout finnish candies .
Well .. In Finland we eat every kind of candies
Also liquorice .
Almost every people eats also chocolate .
Young people mostly like Tsaukki Taukki candies . I like them as well
Here is many factories wich make candies such as Panda and Fazer.
Here isn't traditial candies I think . . .
Maybe most popular candies are Mariannes .
Here is also candy stores as well . . . They sell only candies
My favourite candies are maybe tsaukki taukki, Faarao Mix and chocolate . I also love LORDI CANDIES
Yeah, Lordi candies are my favourite
But people eat quite lot of candies here .
I add also few pics here

6th of April 

April 06 [Fri], 2007, 20:58
I haven't written here in LOOOOOOOONG time
But now I try to write longer
I'm fine . . .
I've got again letter from my good friend lady awa
Thank u so much Lady Awa .. I'm writin' a letter to u soon
Anyways .. yesterday I went to dads house again
We watched two movies together
First one was called National treasure (in finnish : kansallisaarre) and second was
The Lord Of The Rings : Fellowships Of The Ring , it was way better than first one , and I really liked it
Next time we'll watch The Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers and then later The Lord Of The Rings : The Return Of The King
I'm exited .
My favourites in LOTR are Gandalf Grey, Gollum and many others ,
I'll add here pictures of Gandalf and Gollum .
At the left , there is Gandalf Grey and In right side ,
There is Gollum

I will read the
book also , but it's really really
Long , so I think
that it will
last really long
time to read it.
I love Nana !
I red the first
volume and
it's really good
I really love it
I think that every girl should read Nana
About school .. we will have classrings
I can't wait I wanna have it soon

31th of march 

March 31 [Sat], 2007, 23:15
Today I was celebarting with my two friends , Iina and Laura
We celebrated two things At first , Laura has birthday next week and at second , we got to know that we are all friends goin ' to same junior high school for next 3 years So I'm really happy bout that We had a lot of fun We were eating at Mc donalds , then we bought manga , I bought first volume of nana . We bought clothes too . And most best thing is that I got 3 Cds of Lordi Now I have them all And one of them is really rare one So I found treasure . I miss my friend Lady Awa , Hope to hear from u soon I'm waitin' for ur call
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