Hi, there!! 

May 05 [Fri], 2006, 18:56
Im sry not 2 renew this blog...
Today I went shoppin in Shinjyuku w/a friend.
I donno that ALUTA is like a 109!! I come to like this place very much!!
It costed 10000yen to buy clothes!!!!!! Gosh!!!!! But Im very pleased w/them!!!!
I wanna go shoppin w/her again!! Maybe we'll go shoppin on May. 28th!!
I wanna meet her very much! she is veryy good and talkaive girl!!


April 19 [Wed], 2006, 21:33
I mailed to the boy I hav b in luv and he replyed to mail. so Im really happy
It is all!!LoL

Make an effort!! 

April 15 [Sat], 2006, 10:04
I became a high school student!! So I will change my mental and make an effort to enter the University in U.S.A.!! The University in U.S.A. requires to get the grade over 4.5 on average 3years... Its veryyyy hard 4 me!!!!! If I don study hard, My dream wont come true...Though I know it, I came to b sleepy in lesson...Im really bad girl!!

By the way, He havnt replyed to e-mail yet...should I giv up him!?!? My mind is almost broken...


April 13 [Thu], 2006, 21:41
The words quize wuz over!! Yes So I can study math hehehe

By the way, Im really luvsick!!!!!!! Im now super crazy coz he doesnt reply to my e-mail...WHY?! Im really really really really sad I wanna cry No one help me It pains me to think of him...ohhhhhh...i wanna find it him im in luv w/him!! Please, find!!...hummmm...In these hard times, I cant concentrate studyin @all

By the way2, new lessons began!! it is veryyyyy borin!! Im veryyyyy sleepy!! But i should study soooo hard in order 2 study abroad

cu l8ter


April 11 [Tue], 2006, 19:13
Im super ultra sleepyyyy now Im gonna go 2 bed soon and get up @4:30 a.m. coz I must learn a lot of words by heart
By the way, Im in luv ohhhhh gosh Im luvsick...coz my friend is in luv w/a boy Im in luv What am I doin now Im thinkin now I should giv up him If he wuz in luv w/me, he would reply to my e-mail...but he doesnt...Im in low mood
...Im really really unhappy
Good nite


April 10 [Mon], 2006, 14:04
Today I knew my new class!! it wuz tooooo bad!! Im really really shocked!! coz I am A class but all my friends are B class...that wuz because maybe I wuz so bad girl when I wuz 3 grade jounior high school students. though Im really really unhappy, Ill study hard and listen to what teacher says. I will go B class every break time!!

High mood:D 

April 07 [Fri], 2006, 22:25
I had stayed @my granma's house w/my best friends from yesterday to today!!
We had a super ultra crazy time :D 4example, we did exchangin the letter and makin ungly face and so on... It wuz really interestin!!!!! LoL I always laughed w/them!!!! and we were all-nite and ate mornin-Mac!
I enjoyed tooooooo much so I wanna do that again!!
we are the BEST!! lol


April 03 [Mon], 2006, 11:39
I'm in trouble
I noticed he liked me by my friendz
Everybody knew it except me Im really really uncomfortable they heard our convercation as we were well-matched couple Everybody mail to me, "He likes u and u r well-matched couple, so u should go around w/him" GOSH!!!!! NEVER!!!!! NO THANK U!!!!!
He isnt my type He lack in masculinity but I luv manly boyz
I hav been in bad mood since I noticed he liked me... Im really really in trouble
I wanna drop him... but I don wanna feel awkward when we meet next time. coz we must b goin to meet a lot after this if I dislike...
Recently I dont reply to his e-mail massage
I think everybody is amused to see our act Its not interestin @all BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
I cant trust u @all Dont make fun of me

My precious friend 

April 02 [Sun], 2006, 20:47
it's rainyday I don like rain GOOOOOOO
I talked w/my precious friend @ First Kitchen today
Mayb we talked 4hours
I donno what we talked...but Im really happy when I'm w/her
We stayed up last nite talkein on phone I think we talked 5 and half hours So I made my mother angry and wuz really sleepy today Im surprised @ why our conversation is never discontinued
Since I leav Japan to study abroad for U.S.A. and cant see her, I miss her veryyyyyyy much Im lookin 4ward to studyin abroad but... I don wanna leav alone and liv far away w/friendz of mine However I need to b strong, I will make a looooooooot of memories w/them in Japan and do my best in U.S.A. Now Im in the mood for fun sooooooo much and its not so good Plz study harder, Lizzlol


April 01 [Sat], 2006, 20:45
Today I went to Hanami.
@ the first I didnt enjoy it... After Hanami I enjoyed veryyy much coz I made a friend w/5 people and talk a lot I wuz happy 2 enjoy time I hope 2 meet them again They are really nice
Though Im really really exhausted, Ill go 2 bed soon
Hav a good nite

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